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Texas Chili Dog
08-14-2010, 09:20 PM
Ok, I want to preface this by saying that I am a die hard Cowboys fan, born and raised in Dallas, TX. But I will tell you why I'm here. My favorite player in college got drafted by the Steelers in April, in the 3rd round...Emmanuel Sanders. You may know the guy? :thumbsup:

Well I went to school at SMU, where he attended. And my entire life I have gone to SMU football games and cheered for that team through some god awful seasons. My freshman year at the school (2003), we went 0-12. I had a couple classes with him before I graduated, and I still continue to go to every home game since. And I watched the guy blossom into one of the best receivers we've ever had at this school. If you've done your research on the guy, you'll know he set records here. You have an experienced player who I feel will make a great contribution to your team. And he's a terrific guy to cheer for. Imagine if SMU had the same kind of offense as they had last season, for Sanders' entire career here. His numbers would have been eye-popping. His numbers were terrific even before that, which should tell you something.

I won't sit here and tell you I'll be cheering for the Steelers, because I won't. And I know y'all won't be cheering for the Cowboys. But I plan to closely follow the Steelers' season and Emmanuel's progress. And that is why I signed up here because I'm sure I'll be able to get news from all of you. Congrats on getting Sanders and I wish him the very best in the black and gold.