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09-01-2010, 04:10 PM
Anderson to start for Cards; Leinart reportedly on trading block

Associated Press

As reports circulate that Matt Leinart is being shopped by the Arizona Cardinals, the team announced Derek Anderson will start at quarterback again Thursday night when it plays the Washington Redskins in their final preseason game.

FoxSports.com's Jay Glazer, who appears on NFL Network, reported Wednesday that the Cardinals have reached out to teams around the NFL to gauge trade interest in Leinart, a former first-round draft pick.

Meanwhile, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said he will use the same playing order as he did in last Saturday's 14-9 win at Chicago, meaning Leinart will replace Anderson at some point in the preseason finale.

"It worked for us," the coach said, "so we'll see if it continues to work that way."

Whisenhunt said neither quarterback will have as much playing time as they did against the Bears, "but both guys will get the opportunity."

Whisenhunt's decision came following a Monday afternoon meeting with Leinart after the former Heisman Trophy winner told reporters that he had outplayed Anderson in training camp and preseason and that his problem with his coach "probably goes beyond football."

Whisenhunt called it "a good talk."

"We obviously touched base on where everything was, which I've always said I wanted," he said, "If players have an issue or a problem, (they need) to come see me. We had communicated before about where we were, and, obviously, we needed to talk a little bit more, but it was a good talk."

Leinart didn't make himself available to reporters after the Cardinals worked out Tuesday for the first time at Arizona State University's indoor practice facility. His meeting with Whisenhunt came amid widespread speculation that his days with Arizona could be numbered, that the team was looking to trade him or might even release him.

Unless the Cardinals acquire another quarterback, the team could be left with the unlikely prospect of having two rookies -- John Skelton and Max Hall -- back up Anderson.

Cardinals general manager Rod Graves didn't return a message left on his cell phone Tuesday.

Whisenhunt said he has been consistent in the way he communicates with players since he took over as head coach in 2007.

"I'm comfortable with the way we've done that," he said. "Obviously, there must have been some breakdown because he didn't hear what he wanted, but hopefully we got that cleared up yesterday."

He said he has nothing personal against Leinart.

"I've always liked Matt," Whisenhunt said. "I think Matt is a tremendous person, and he's done a lot for this city and this community, but it's my job as the head coach of this team to pick the best players for our squad. I didn't think, as the preseason progressed, that we were as efficient as we needed to be."

Whisenhunt said the Cardinals played better last week.

"I don't know if that was a function of making the changes or whether that was a function of our guys waking up a little bit," he said. "We get an opportunity to see this week."

Whisenhunt hasn't announced the starting quarterback for the regular-season opener Sept. 12 at St. Louis, but Anderson appears to be the front-runner, considering he's making the last two starts.

Leinart said Monday that he didn't know what else he "could possibly do" to earn the job.

"It probably goes beyond football, beyond the field actually," he said. "For me, I am not making excuses. I am not going to complain. For me, I just really want an explanation, and I haven't been given one."

Whisenhunt wasn't happy that Leinart had expressed his feelings to the media.

"Would I have rather he come to me and talked to me? Yes, to be perfectly honest, I would," Whisenhunt said. "But you know, that's what sometimes happens in this business. Matt and I had an opportunity to talk yesterday. He definitely had some feelings that he needed to get out, and he came up and saw me, and that was important."

Anderson, signed as a free agent after the Cleveland Browns released him, has seen far more playing time than Leinart in the preseason. The former Oregon State quarterback has completed 31 of 53 passes (59 percent) for 287 yards and two touchdowns, with two interceptions.

Leinart has completed 83 percent (19 of 23), most of them short-range throws, for 161 yards and one touchdown with no interceptions.


How long until someone seriousley propses we trade for him? :noidea:

09-02-2010, 07:01 AM
Never... if he isn't good enough to keep Anderson from taking his starter job, he should go delver pizzas instead...

09-02-2010, 10:04 AM
Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

And how long till someone proposes we trade for him? Try, it's already happened. I can't remember which thread...but yeah, no...I want no part of Leinart as a starter or backup. He's garbage. Not even the Raiders or Bills want him.

Anyway...apparently Wiz has said all of this is nothing but rumors and that Leinart's status hasn't changed. Though I don't expect if anything final had been decided he'd come out and say anyway.

Still a Cardinal: Leinart's status hasn't changed, coach says


09-02-2010, 11:03 AM
we all know coaches dont exactly tell us fans the truth....

i wouldnt be surprised if Wiz went to the FO and said i really want him gone.

09-03-2010, 02:04 PM
It's kinda sad how these guys fizz out when they reach the NFL.

Leinart, Quinn, Russell etc ...

All hype backed up with nothing but crap.

But they got nice pretty fat bank accounts out of it. Maybe it isn't so sad afterall.