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09-08-2010, 02:50 AM
"That's good," Ward said. "We're going to be underdogs all year, especially the first four games, with the uncertainty of who we have at quarterback. We play better as underdogs."

This excerpt officially made me ready for football season. In turn, I decided to join the greatest Steelers board on the internet (so far).

Hello everyone. Random thoughts from your newest member:

Even though I've had feelings that Cincinnati and Baltimore have both built teams turning the curve, I still believe our beloved Steelers can play with any team, on any field, any time. Health is apparently essential to success. We all saw how the absences of Smith and Troy devastated our D.

This is *not* my father's Steelers, folks. And I'm lovin' it. I see a lot of potential in a lot of young players that, based on their recent performances, may have very well earned them shots at some sort of significant playing time.

I am *completely* cool with the running back corp. I would *really* like to see mostly a 1-2 punch with Mendy/Dwyer with Redman in short yardage situations and MeMo for screens and delayed passing situations needing medium-to-long yards. For whatever reason, dude just has a nose for the first down marker. Watch out, fantasy owners. You just might find yourself face-palming for not getting Redman soon enough. (dreams of goal line success)

Then again...

F*$K! The O-Line worries me. I am really not sure about the Flozell signing. I understand the try-out. But come on, front office??? Is mediocre-to-good run blocking worth the potential risk of another 50+ sack season and more tripping and false-start penalties than Terrible Towels at a playoff game? And WTF, Kemo? You had signs of promise and now, suddenly you decide to start sucking le pee pee. What gives? HOOA or GTFO Pouncey: Excellent showing thus far. Tony Hills. Get your laces tight, son. I think you get to show your s$!t this year.

I put the over/under of Brown taking one to the house at Game 5.

Hey!!! Mr. Goodell - On behalf of all of Steeler Nation, F*$K YOU... Or at least until you do something about letting left tackles get away with clothes-line choking James Harrison week in and week out. :banging: That s#!t is getting *reeeeally* old. Let the man do his thing. He'll set a record. I promise. It's good for your football machine. Economics, brutha. And, I'll take back my F*$K YOU.

Speaking of which:

I really think this will be a good year for the James Harrison / Lamar Woodley version of the Greg Lloyd / Kevin Greene "Meet you at the quarterback" show. What can I say? IIIIII have a feeeelin'.

With Troy and Smith healthy and McFadden back on the other side, I feel good about the defensive side of the ball, as I usually do, going into a season.

I feel good about Dixon. No way they don't at least split 2-2. I would be completely fine with that. Would be awesome to see him play a Michael Vick-like game against the Falcons. :popcorn:.

I feel like this team is prepared to win ball games, though I don't feel like they're any more than middle-of-the-pack out of the gate. Which puts them under the radar. And we all love 'em there.

:tt03::tt03: HERE WE GO, STEELERS! HERE WE GO! :tt03::tt03:

- MikeHaullace

09-08-2010, 04:32 AM
Welcome to the board!

Is it Sunday yet?!

Here We Go Steelers!!!! :tt04: :tt02: :tt: :tt03:

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welcome to the board compadre :wave:

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09-08-2010, 01:08 PM
The only problem is we normally were just overlooked. This year there are many questions.

tony hipchest
09-08-2010, 01:09 PM
wow. talk about kicking in the front door!

thas a helluva 1st post. welcome. :tt02:

urgle burgle
09-08-2010, 04:48 PM
wow. talk about kicking in the front door!

thas a helluva 1st post. welcome. :tt02:

I second that.....great first post....

much better than mine! welcome!

09-08-2010, 05:00 PM
Welcome, glad you're on board for the ride starting Sept. 12th in Heinz Field, all the way to Dallas, Texas for Super Bowl 45!

HERE WE GO!:tt04::tt04::tt04: