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Could somebody post Bouchette's recent Q&A session?

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try a micco chat instead he's not as big of a douchebag as bouchette...

Jerry Micco's sports chat transcript: 9.8.2010
Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Poll Question: Do you agree with Mike Tomlin's decision to start Dennis Dixon at QB?
Answer #1: No -- 24%

Answer #2: Yes -- 76%

Chris: The more I think about Tomlin's comments yesterday, the more I believe he was just giving a stupid answer to a ridiculously stupid question. Dennis Dixon could go 4-0 with a perfect rating and Roethlisberger will still be the starter Week 5. Agree?

Jerry Micco: I can't say if Tomlin was answering a "stupid" question or not, but there is no question that when he's finished with his suspension Ben Roethlisberger will be the starting quarterback. Some people might make a fuss if the Steelers are 4-0 at that point, but regardless, he's the starter when he's ready. And besides, is there anyone who thinks they'll be 4-0?

Chris: Penn St.-Alabama Saturday night. Who ya got? A freshman QB in only his 2nd start in that kind of environment doesn't bode well for the Nittany Lions. Unfortunately, I forsee it being over pretty early.

Jerry Micco: Maybe not early, but certainly by the third quarter. Tough game for Penn State, but as Joe Paterno said yesterday, you play it, learn from it and move on. PSU is not a national title contender by any stretch and they have some holes. I'm sure they'd like to win 'em all, but in reality this is a team that will grow as the season goes along. But it will not be pretty in Tuscaloosa, unless Alabama shoots itself in the foot. But it'll be interesting to see how Bolden does in a hostile environment and if the offense can do something against 'Bama's defense.

davnat8: DD should start because he gives the team the best chance to win.HIs risk taking with the football is a judgement call. If we depend on offense to win and defense not to lose and special teams to stop scores our first game will be successful.

Jerry Micco: I think you have it backwards: Offense should be cautious and not lose the game. Defense is good enough to win it, and special teams have to play better than in 2009 for them to have a chance. Actually, I'll look at special teams to maybe give the offense a break occasionally with a good return and field position. And a couple turnovers from the D can't hurt. If Dixon can manage the team and make a couple plays, they can be OK.

James_Taiwan: Why is Ron Cook so high on Batch? He has not played a meaningful game in years. Not to mention that if he was so great he would have held on to his starting job in Detroit years ago. Batch is a great guy but clearly has nothing more to offer than Dixon.

Jerry Micco: The only thing Batch offers is a steadier hand and a veteran's perspective as far as walk-up and gametime preparation. And Dixon did not look good with the first team this preseason. Now, it isn't like Dixon is starting ahead of Dan Marino, but Batch is a steady hand albeit a hand that often is injured. I'd have selected Batch, but either way, the offense will need the RBs to do well and for the defense and special teams to make some plays.

James_Taiwan: How many carries do you see Redman getting in week one? Can Redman make an impact in 2010?

Jerry Micco: I think his impact is in short yardage and goal line. I see him getting maybe 5 carries this Sunday, unless Mendenhall is injured. I think for now Redman is a specialist, but eventually they'll work him in a bit more. Mendenhall is a terrific back, make no mistake. He's capable, if the line can block some, of gaining 1,300 yards this season.

Meow Mix: When do you think Pitt will realize that they missed the boat by having football play at Heinz Field and build an on campus stadium?

Jerry Micco: I don't think so. I didn't think they drew that much better on campus and while I'm not a huge fan of Heinz Field as a venue, it still offers a lot for the program. It's a professional venue and when Pitt has its 60,000 for Notre Dame or when it gets its 60,000 for Miami, the place will rock pretty good. If Pitt continues to win and play quality opponents at home, they will draw well and Heinz Field will be a tough venue for foes.

James_Taiwan: I am predicting that the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl since I will be in Tibet with no way to watch the Super Bowl.

Jerry Micco: Wow, going to Tibet is certainly more interesting than yet another Super Bowl, James. However, I don't think you'll miss the Steelers there. I don't think they can make it that far. The Super Bowl that is, not Tibet!

Jaydog: Do you think Tomlin is setting up Atlanta by starting Dennis Dixon saying that they will run the ball, but in reality he will open up the passing game?

Jerry Micco: I think Bruce Arians will take what's there. I'd imagine Atlanta will stack for the run and try to force the pass, but the Steelers will have to deal with that. Tomlin said the entire play book won't be in play, which he said is normal for early in the season. Still, I can imagine Dixon is capable of running the plays he needs to run to adjust to the defenses. So he may pass early on to loosen Atlanta up, but in reality, they take what the defense gives them. Everyone does that.

Guest: Jerry did you hear Nick Saban yesterday talking about Joe Paterno coached teams? He sounded like he basically called Paterno teams unimaginative and straightforward.

Jerry Micco: A lot of folks think that way of Penn State and have for years. But that doesn't mean they aren't successful. I think Penn State has made several offensive changes over the years, particularly the spread offense they run. It's not 3 yards and a cloud of dust anymore. So in that sense, they have changed quite a bit. People have said PSU and Paterno are boring and unimaginative for years. Thing is, they have won national titles and a few hundred games in the meantime.

Scott: Jerry, I am quite offended that the PG has chosen to keep the Steelers chats on the "pay to read" site. I know that you make plenty of money on the advertising from the "free" site and I look it as gouging the Steelers fans. Has Jerry Jones taken over as GM of the PG?

Jerry Micco: Scott, if Jerry Jones were running the PG, we'd have a new stadium. Perhaps you are in our accounting offices because you seem to know how much we're pulling in on the free site. But reality is, we offer premium content there and we ask folks to pay for that content. For years, newspapers gave away their work for free, all of it, on our Web sites. That's part of what has put us in the predicament we're in. But chats, blogs, etc., are more than what's in our newspaper, which by the way you can get on our Web site for free. This is premium and every newspaper in the country over the next few years will put a pay site up. You can't publish without some sort of profit and your business can't exist. We think Plus is a great buy for the price. Some folks don't think so. That's business. Besides, you get my wonderful chats for free!

Gunner: Now that the Buccos have won 2 in a row over Atlanta and they will as always play better now that the season is over will we again have people saying wait till next year based on how they close out the season?

Jerry Micco: At least now there is a glimmer of hope, don't you think? Neal Walker, Pedro Alvarez, Jose Tabata and Andrew McCutchen form a very nice nucleus. The pitching stinks, but look at what happens when you get back-to-back good pitching from the starters: 2 wins. The Pirates need to get some pitching here to go with what I think could be a nice offensive core. Still could use another power bat, but at least, to me, there is a glimmer of hope.

James_Taiwan: How many of the first four games do the Steelers need to win to make the playoffs?

Jerry Micco: I think if they can win 3, then they have a shot to win 10 games. I think they are a 9-7 team, but if they can go 3-1, which is not out of the question, then they can go 7-5 the rest of the way and probably make the playoffs. It will not be an easy road, however.

yzguy431: My guess is that we will see Charlie Batch before it is all over on Sunday.

Jerry Micco: I think the only way you see Batch is either because Dixon is injured or if he's just unglued after a half. And that means 3 or 4 turnovers and not having a clue as to what's going on. Now I thought Batch was the starter and should be, but in defense of Dixon, he was very solid last year vs. Baltimore on the road. That was a good team, better than Atlanta. So I don't think we see Batch unless it's in disaster mode.

Stash: Peter King has the Steelers in the Super Bowl, am I missing something, Ben's out 4 games, we lose Santonio, special teams aren't better and we have an aging defense and no FB. 9-7 again?

Jerry Micco: Ed Bouchette pointed out in is blog, and I believe in print, that Peter King has not picked a preseason Super Bowl winner since 1995. I think Peter's streak will stay intact this year. And yes, I think 9-7 is a solid pick, though it very well could go a game either way to 10-6 or 8-8.

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Scott: The Steelers ran a lot this pre-season with a fullback as the lead blocker. It seemed to be very effective then they in essence scrap it by cutting the only fullback they had on the roster. Does this make any sense? Why practice something that you are not going to use?

Jerry Micco: They can use the TE David Johnson as a fullback or in some cases, Redman can be used as a fullback. But while they may practice it in the preseason, Bruce Arians does not like using a fullback. So I don't expect to see a fullback much on Sunday. As for Frank Summers, who now is on the practice squad, maybe he's a tailback in a fullback's body.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, who do you see winning the NL this year?

Jerry Micco: I think it's wide open. Cincinnati has the best blend of pitching and hitting; San Diego is loaded with pitching, but their lineup isn't going to scare many people. The Phillies are healthy and that makes them dangerous. Having Roy Halladay doesn't hurt, either. And the Giants, like the Padres, have the pitching and just a bit more hitting. My pick would be the Reds. I like their overall mix.

Chris: Any update as to when Bob's blog will be converted to the new server? I'm anxiously waiting until I can begin commenting.

Jerry Micco: No update, Chris, but we're working toward that. A few things are in front of that project, but that change is coming.

Meow Mix: Do you see anyway beside a meltdown by Dixon and Batch that Leftwich sniffs the field?

Jerry Micco: If Dixon is playing well and by that I mean managing the games, Leftwich doesn't play. I'm sure they'd love to have him back in time for Tampa (Game 3) but I think that's a long shot. And there's no need to play him if Dixon or Batch is playing well. However, I think when Ben returns it'll be Leftwich who remains with the team and not Batch.

Spike: How did they miss so badly on Urbik. He hardly dressed last year, and this year he can't make the team. What was it that they thought that they saw in him that wasn't there?

Jerry Micco: He was a typical Wisconsin road grader who actually graded out very high on most pre-draft boards. I thought he was a very good third-round pick, but you're right, he never materialized into anything here. Buffalo picked him up, so maybe the Bills can get something out of him, but I was disappointed that he didn't work out. He should have been good enough to nail down a guard spot here.

Meow Mix: Please rank the all time worst coaching/managers based on talent. Jim Leyland for not taking the Bucs to the world series or Wanny for blowing the Cincy game/ Utah this year. My vote is for Leyland.

Jerry Micco: Wow, you're a harsh critic. Leyland won three straight division titles, but of course never won a pennant. But the fact that when he had talent he did win kind of shoots down your question. As for Dave Wannstedt, if you look at the last 2 years, he's had excellent talent. The Cincinnati game was one of the best in all of college football last year. Hey, sometimes you lose that kind of game. Utah was a tough road game where Pitt was an underdog. Could they have won that game, yes, they could have won. So if I were forced to pick, I'd say Leyland because the talent might have been good enough to win a World Series. But actually, neither guy shamed himself in his time here.

Chunkles: Jerry, I saw Maz's tribute the other day on the news and they showed the great Chuck Tanner. He did not look well. Is his health failing?

Jerry Micco: I thought Chuck was in the hospital some last year and he's in his 80s, but the fact that he could get out and get involved in the ceremony speaks well. He's one of the great managers/coaches in this city's history. I grew up in New Castle and you always heard so much about Chuck Tanner. Then you meet him and realize he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Such a warm, wonderful and classy guy. I hope he can still be involved with the Pirates for many years to come.

Bucco: Pitt question - did they go in over their heads scheduling an opener at Utah?

Jerry Micco: I don't think over their heads because they could have won that game. No question it was a very tough opener, but other teams play tough openers, too, and win them. I always think because there are no exhibition games in college football a cupcake tastes better than an alligator as the first course, but tough first games can give you a huge boost if you win.

PSUSteve: Hey Jerry, call me an optimist. I am certainly not to PSU's weaknesses: Freshman QB, OL etc, but it is not like Alabama is returning their entire team from last year. Starting RB out, MVP for BCS Title game ruled ineligible. etc Their D has only a couple starters back. I think we lose in a close one but Alabama is way over rated at this point

Jerry Micco: OK, you're entitled to that, and who knows, you may be right. I just think PSU has too many holes and Alabama still is one of the top 5 teams in the nation. Nothing I'd like better than a close battle because it makes for good stories and great TV. But I don't think Penn State can play them close for an entire game.

Meow Mix: Now that the Consol Energy Center is open do you see Pittsburgh getting a major UFC event? Has the PPG thought about highlighting MMA in the tristate area and maybe adding a tab to the sports site? Seems like a no brainer as MMA is the fastest growing sport and the PPG would be foolish not to take advantage of the demographic who follows it.

Jerry Micco: Well, that demographic is not newspaper readers, first of all, and they are not likely to start reading because we start an MMA column once a week. That sport is Internet driven. Nothing wrong with that, but the coverage of that sport is on other sites and most newspapers can't begin to match what they do. That said, MMA probably will come here with a new arena. And we'd cover it as an event and try to introduce people to what the sport is all about. I still have my misgivings about it personally, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't cover the event. I know some folks have really gotten into the sport. As for running a Web only column, I might look into that, no question.

Bucco: I noticed John Russell went to the mound twice the last two games without removing the pitcher. Does he not trust the pitching coach?

Jerry Micco: Maybe he's trying to change his MO, which is when he goes to the mound the guy is generally gone. Maybe he's trying to infuse into these pitchers that he wants to get a point across and maybe they need to hear it from him rather than through a pitching coach. I think Russell has faith in Searage and vice versa.

Jerry Micco: Folks I notice it's time for me to get back to some other stuff. Thanks for taking the time to talk sports with me today. The hour always goes by fast. I'll see you next Wednesday at noon. Should be a terrific sports weekend with the PSU-Bama game and the NFL opening. Enjoy the games, and I'll see you next week.

Read more: http://www.postgazette.org/pg/10251/1085932-139.stm?cmpid=newspanel2#ixzz0yxbCaW1r

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Ed Bouchette: Welcome back. Let's begin.

V-coach: How much pony backfield are we going to see and do you think Redman will be a short yardage factor?

Ed Bouchette: I can't tell you how often they will use the pony but they seem to like it. And Mike Tomlin said today that -- Fantasy Alert! -- Redman will be used in short yardage.

Switzer: How much better does TJ Houshamnzadeh make the Ravens offense?

Ed Bouchette: TJ, I'm told, is one big pain in the neck and that may be why Seattle cut him. But he looks to me like he still has it, so he makes Baltimore better.

Foolback: Ed, does Frank Summers' contract change while being on the practice squad? Does he sign a new deal, different from the 5th round pick terms from last year?

Ed Bouchette: Practice squad players get a set fee and it's not much, somewhere around $60,000 a year no matter what their contracts call for if they make the 53-man roster. That 60 is pro-rated, divided by 17 for each week they are on the squad.

Polamalu43: Ed, what is your Final prediction on Steelers record this year?

Ed Bouchette: A not-so-sexy 9-7

V-coach: What was your biggest roster surprise if any?

Ed Bouchette: I wasn't really surprised. I picked my 53-man before the final preseason game and had 3 wrong -- I put Tyler Grisham, Patrick Bailey and Joe Burnett on my team.

Polamalu43: Ed, will rookies Worilds and Gibson be on the 45 man game day roster?

Ed Bouchette: That will come down to special teams. I would say one of them will be on.

Jopa-n: Is it possible that Batch could be brought in just to take a drive or two instead of what Dixon was going to do with Leftwich?

Ed Bouchette: It does not sound as if that is in Mike Tomlin's plans after listening to him today. It's Dennis Dixon's ballgame.

Nate: Ed, with cuts being made league-wide and the Steelers have some money, do you see them going after anyone? And any reason they slept on TJ Housh (not a menace or anything - and he is better than WR options we have now)?

Ed Bouchette: I don't think they had an interest in Housh. They keep an open mind into signing people and, I believe, just added someone to their practice squad.

Mikey M: Ed, have any of the players cut by the Steelers signed on with other teams?

Ed Bouchette: Urbik to Bills, Logan to Lions and Bailey to Titans.

Ck Steeler: It was reported a lot of teams are facing blackouts. Does that prove NFL games are better to watch at home on TV instead of live?

Ed Bouchette: Maybe it means that some fans are wising up and not paying all that money for the live "experience." However, if their team does not sell out, they can't watch them anyway.

Taz: Hi Ed. Was it just me, or did it seem like the Steelers cut a few more guys than normal this year that have NFL-caliber talent (Sunny Harris, Burnett, Hartwig)?

Ed Bouchette: I saw no rush by others to sign any of the three you just mentioned

BSidwar78: Although a little tardy for a first-round pick, will this be the year that Timmons breaks out?

Ed Bouchette: Signs point that way. I thought he had an excellent preseason and he played through ankle injuries last season, his first starting.

patrick: When the Steelers go to 4 wides this week, who do you expect to see besides Ward and Wallace? Also, between Redman and Moore, who would you suspect receives more touches in relief of Mendenhall?

Ed Bouchette: Wallace, El, and it depends if they dress the rookies. If so, then Sanders; if not, Battle.

Chris: Does Leftwich get handed the starting role when he's healthy even if they start 1-0 or 2-0?

Ed Bouchette: Mike Tomlin indicated today that he will make that decision based on how Dixon is playing.

Jopa-n: Who are the starting CB's for Sunday?

Ed Bouchette: Mike Tomlin announced that Bryant McFadden will start. the other, of course, is Ike Taylor.

SteelersChick: Ed, what ever happened to the Fantasy chat that used to be on here?

Ed Bouchette: I have no idea. You might want to check with the bosses. Most of these chats, if not all, are on PG Plus now.

In_titans_territory: How much of an impact will Leftwich have in the first 4 weeks? Should the Steelers stick with 1 QB, or are they really going to try to run with both of them, if Leftwich can recover quickly?

Ed Bouchette: Leftwich should have absolutely no impact in the first four weeks. My guess is that unless Dixon/Batch are terrible, Leftwich won't play at all before Ben arrives back.

Hank: The national media is making a big deal of Ben not being named captain. But was no Jeff Reed as captain due to his coverage comments

Ed Bouchette: The players vote on the captains with the coach's ultimate approval. In 2007, the players voted overwhelmingly for Alan Faneca, but he was not a captain that year. It would have been odd to have a captain who could not attend your first four games.

Steelers in Argentina: From 6,000 miles away I get the sense that the Steelers thought they’d sneak Urbik on to the practice squad. Given that he did show improvement, any indication of “sellers” remorse on the part of coaches for letting him go?

Ed Bouchette: From ground zero it looks that way too. Urbik was improving under his new line coach and I believe they felt he had some upside.

OnTheMend-enhall: I heard the guys on ESPN call you 'Eddie' when you were on a few days ago. love it or hate it?

Ed Bouchette: Only when women, like my mother, called me that.

Crowned: Ed, why do think Bailey was cut? Couldn't they have found room for the special teams sensation?

Ed Bouchette: They did. His name is Anthony Madison, and Keyaron Fox, and Arnaz Battle. You can't keep 'em all.

In_titans_territory: Would you advise me to wear my Roethlisberger jersey when I go to the Titans/Steelers game next weekend? My wife's telling me 'no' and I need some back up!

Ed Bouchette: If you want to take the abuse, wear it.

Army01: Who will kick- off on Sunday?

Ed Bouchette: MT announced today it would be Jeff Reed.

mikeflores16: Is this the first time we have been home underdogs to start the season?

Ed Bouchette: It's been awhile. I don't keep track of such things. How about Baltimore to open 2000? I'll bet Dallas was favored to open 1997.

Bengal Brian: Bengals all the way this year!!! Agree?

Ed Bouchette: Bengals are up one year, down the next. They were up last year so I think they're headed for a fall.

In_titans_territory: Not that I want the Steelers to lose, but could a 1-3 or 0-4 really solidify Ben as an elite QB in the league and open up HOF doors for him in the future?

Ed Bouchette: Yo, what's going on in that twisted mind of yours? Have the Steelers go 1-3 or 0-4 to enhance BR's Hall of Fame status! That's so wrong on so many levels.

James: Favorite rookie to interview?

Ed Bouchette: Maurkice Pouncey and Antonio Brown are excellent.

Mike-EEE: Stop taking all the questions from the guy in titans territory! How about the rest of us?

Ed Bouchette: Consider it done.

Army01: Truth about playbook for DD - Hines or MT?

Ed Bouchette: Hines.

Bigger Ben: Was this years draft that good that 8 rookies deserved to make the 53 man roster?

Ed Bouchette: Yes, I believe it was.

Jopa-n: Which rookie rec. will get the most playing time?

Ed Bouchette: Sanders.

Taz: What ever came of the agent/Pouncey story from this summer?

Ed Bouchette: Nothing, and if he did get some money, more power to him. The NCAA are the biggest hypocrites in sports.

Jopa-n: Heaven forbid, if Pouncey would get hurt, who becomes the C?

Ed Bouchette: Doug Legursky, the same backup as last season. I don't understand why everyone is so concerned about who is backing up Pouncey when this question was never raised last season when the starter was Hartwig. Pouncey is better than Hartwig.

Hinestheman: I know it's Gerry's job but what can you us a prediction for Sunday's game? don't know why but I can't see them lose on opening day at home against Atlanta....

Ed Bouchette: I think they'll win, but do not overlook Atlanta, which is a good young team with an excellent head coach.

computerjumpstar: is markise powncey the next dirte dawsun? Ed Bouchette: From now on, I'm going to require people on this chat to at least know how to spell the Steelers' players names if they want to ask a question. That goes for ex-Steelers too.

OnTheMend-enhall: Is the PG+ worth my money. I plan on getting it solely for your articles.

Ed Bouchette: Get it. If you don't like it, tell them you want your money back. It's only 36 bucks a year and Gerry and I are both on it, Dejan in baseball, Gene Collier does a video standup that's hilarious. For a case of good beer, it's not a bad deal.

kcroyals85: Hey Ed, When Ben is back, would Batch be the odd man out? If not who will be cut?

Ed Bouchette: It's clear as a bell that is the way they are going. One good thing for Batch, though; by being on the roster for the first game, he's guaranteed his entire salary of $855,000 no mater what.

Mile Hi Stiller: How do you decide which players to put on the practice squad? Is it based on position need, players ability, likelihood of injury?

Ed Bouchette: I just talked to Kevin Colbert about that. They are twofold: One, to develop young players you hope will eventually make your team, as Isaac Redman did this season, Dan Kreider in the past and many more. Two, you need different positions because they do provide practice help against the first and second teams.

Ed Bouchette: Thanks all, it's time for me to rewrite my football edition story on the quarterbacks, thanks to Byron Leftwich's injury. See you next Tuesday.

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Steelers in Argentina: From 6,000 miles away I get the sense that the Steelers thought they’d sneak Urbik on to the practice squad. Given that he did show improvement, any indication of “sellers” remorse on the part of coaches for letting him go?

Ed Bouchette: From ground zero it looks that way too. Urbik was improving under his new line coach and I believe they felt he had some upside.


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:stupid: :doh:

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Bengal Brian: Bengals all the way this year!!! Agree?

Ed Bouchette: Bengals are up one year, down the next. They were up last year so I think they're headed for a fall.

Holy rusted metal Batman! Could it be? The one and only?


Ah, the good ol' days...

09-08-2010, 09:38 PM
Holy rusted metal Batman! Could it be? The one and only?


Ah, the good ol' days...

i seen that and thought the same thing ....:sofunny:

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Thanks for the post!

09-08-2010, 09:49 PM
Thanks for the post!

remember....google is your friend ....:thumbsup:

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remember....google is your friend ....:thumbsup:

It won't let me see them. You have to have PG+. Or, perhaps I am missing something....wouldn't doubt it.

Fire Haley
09-08-2010, 09:59 PM
Ed, what is your Final prediction on Steelers record this year?

Ed Bouchette: A not-so-sexy 9-7

We'll hold you to that Ed,....I'd go 10-6, but I'm an optimist

tony hipchest
09-08-2010, 10:14 PM
Holy rusted metal Batman! Could it be? The one and only?


Ah, the good ol' days...


*adds PG+ chats to the list*

09-08-2010, 10:20 PM
It won't let me see them. You have to have PG+. Or, perhaps I am missing something....wouldn't doubt it.

i don't have pg+ ... i just typed, " ed bouchette chat transcript " in the google box ...found the most recent date, opened up a site, and there it was ...:noidea:

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I like Bouchette.

Yeah, he's cranky but he knows his Steelers plus he sometimes comes up with some great burns in his chats that can be hilarious.

09-08-2010, 10:24 PM
i don't have pg+ ... i just typed, " ed bouchette chat transcript " in the google box ...found the most recent date, opened up a site, and there it was ...:noidea:

:thumbsup: My bad. :banging:

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:thumbsup: My bad. :banging:

you must learn the ways of google young padawan

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I just Googled 'Megan Fox', and this picture appeared, Master:

I believe I've turned to the dark side.

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Honestly, with all the questions about this team. Tomlin better be on his "A game " all season

09-08-2010, 10:56 PM
I just Googled 'Megan Fox', and this picture appeared, Master:

I believe I've turned to the dark side.

there's nothing wrong with using the google force for perversion...:thumbsup:

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Could somebody post Bouchette's recent Q&A session?

I know they are so hard to find. I'll google then I check the post gazette trying to look under Bouchette. Really weird.

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:thumbsup: My bad. :banging:

no clop...sometimes it's hard. Maybe it only posts after a certain time. I kept finding old ones.

09-09-2010, 06:21 AM
Screw Bouchette. He is mostly wrong. Wrong about Batch starting (shut up guys lol), wrong about Dwyer getting cut. For a beat writer hes often off beat.