View Full Version : "Tomlin said he hoped Mike Pouncey would keep screwing up so we'd steal him in 1st rd

Fire Haley
09-11-2010, 02:59 PM
That's what they said, in the Gators game I was watching....too bad Mike found a pair of gloves....he's looking much better today.

They also said Maurkice took a bunch of ribbing from the team over his brothers horrible center play last week.

Thus the Tomlin comment

They mentioned the Steelers a lot...said Mike called Maurkice for advice and was told just to shake it off and go out there and kick ass, he knew he had it in him....or something. He was much better this week - I'm back on the Pouncey squared bandwagon again.

btw - FL was a smash-mouth running team with that Demps kid stealing the show - - - holy shit - 250+ all purpose yds. Huge punt returns make my titties hard.