View Full Version : Going to be tough traveling to Tennessee:

09-12-2010, 04:11 PM
On my way to the hospital to check on my heart valves. Kidding. What a game! 3rd over-time against the Falcons in as many times we've played them. Defense played back to its nightmarish ways. In 2008 form. 1-0. Going to be a tough one next week @ Tennessee.

The Steelers/Titans always have a duke it out, "strongest man wins" battles that stem back to the old AFC Central! Id be lieing if I didn't say Tennessee scares me. We don't have a good history playing there and it's a tough stadium to play. Should be another defensive battle givin the way both teams approach each other. Better get in the ice-tub now, they'll need their bodies come Sunday.

Loved by the way our defense played like the rabid dogs like their supposed to do and what we've come to expect. Timmons was all over the place. James Harrison is non-stoppable.

Think we missed Polamalu much? Holy shit have a man crush on that man. This is what he provides for our defense. Defensive front as strong as ever.

As for Dixon, the dude lacks accuracy and throws every routine ball in the dirt. He has NO throwing motion. I just don't see how he gives us the best chance to win. Charlie can manage well and give us that throw that NEEDS to be completed, something Dixon can't provide us.

Hines Ward is an animal. A warrior. Ageless.

Good to see Mendenhall get to the second level, IN OT. Was looking ugly, but beatiful win for us! 1-0!