View Full Version : Willie Parker's Furniture Involved In Drug Bust

Atlanta Dan
09-16-2010, 02:42 PM
The Georgia sports pages have been closely following the suspension of A.J. Green, UGA wide reciver and likely 2011 first round draft pick, for selling a UGA jersey to an agent's rep for $1000 andgetting suspended by the NCAA for 4 games.

Turns out the agent's rep has problems not only with the NCAA but with a drug investigation, which, in a six degrees of separtaion fashion, has a tie back to the Steelers through furniture allegedly purchased by Willie Parker.

If this was the best alibi this agent's rep has he better look good in an orange prison jumpsuit. :sofunny:

The former North Carolina defensive back who is accused of buying University of Georgia receiver A.J. Green's jersey is facing felony drug charges in Georgia.

Chris Hawkins, who played at North Carolina from 2001-03 before finishing his college career at Marshall, was arrested by Georgia State Patrol officers on April 23, 2009 on felony charges of trafficking cocaine and misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana.

According to a police report obtained by ESPN.com on Wednesday, Hawkins was pulled over by a Georgia State Patrol officer while driving a U-haul moving truck on I-20 near Madison, Ga., which is about 60 miles east of Atlanta. The report said Hawkins was cited for driving without wearing a seat belt, and officers later discovered a small amount of marijuana in his pocket.

After Hawkins refused to allow officers to search the contents of the moving truck, a drug-detecting dog indicated drugs were in the back of the box truck. According to the police report, officers discovered a paper sack containing a baseball-sized amount of base cocaine, which weighed about three ounces and was covered in peanut butter and pepper....

Page Pate, Hawkins' Atlanta-based attorney, told ESPN.com on Wednesday that the U-haul truck was rented by former North Carolina and Pittsburgh Steelers running back Willie Parker. Pate said Hawkins, who is Parker's roommate, was delivering furniture from Miami to North Carolina for Parker.

"Parker purchased some furniture out of a condo that was being sold in Miami," Pate said. "He asked Chris to move the furniture after it was loaded into the truck. Chris has continuously maintained that he was unaware there were drugs in the truck."

Ironically, Pate said Parker purchased the furniture from a penthouse in the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., which was the site of at least two agent-related parties this past spring....

Parker is listed as a potential defense witness for Hawkins' upcoming criminal trial, according to court documents.