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09-17-2010, 03:12 AM

i spent about 2 hours yesterday reading garbage on this iranian board yesterday. it's loaded with anti US / west / Israel rhetoric.
you wouldn't believe some of the shit said there. they disregard any article written by western journalist , by immediately labeling it propoganda and lies , while gobbling up everything written or said by middle east journalist.
as far as i can tell, most of the posters are iranians living in other countries , even a few here in the US . they all seem to be supporters of irans current regime .
these dillusional fools actually believe they'd have a fighting chance if attacked by the US ...:sofunny:

anyway , if you've got some spare time, i highly recommend checking out their perspective on world wide issues.
you might even feel compelled to join up and counter some of their nonsense...cough..VINCENT...cough ....:chuckle:

here's a preview of the content

I cant help but agree with he writer, that if amerikka attacks Iran it will cost them dearly and might be the end of that imperialist country while Izrael will be like all the truth speakers said, it will be whipped off the map! there is a saying in arabic, dont play with fire otherwise ull eventually burn ur hands... and amerikkka and Izrael are playing with fire just by talking about the subject of attacking Iran... look at the results from Iraq and afghan just alone... and ull know amerikkka cannot afford another war especially with a great Islamic nation like Iran!

09-17-2010, 06:07 AM
Are you really surprised that it's loaded with anti US / West / Israel rhetoric? It seems strange to me that the posts are made in English as opposed to Arabic. Maybe there's some translator function that I'm overlooking.

09-17-2010, 01:16 PM
Yeah, I'm not too surprised either. Not that it's good or anything, but there's not a lot of nice, fluffy things being said about anyone, anywhere in the Middle East from people in the US.

I'll most likely still read some of it when I'm bored though lol.

09-17-2010, 05:31 PM
these guys are convinced that 9 / 11 was staged by the zionist to start a west / muslim war. they also think the quran burning was a zionist plot to get a negative reaction from muslims to help fan the flame....they don't believe there is an al- queda