View Full Version : My week 3 pickems VIA youtube:

09-26-2010, 06:34 AM
Got a new cam-corder and testing it out. Since I'm big on pickems around message boards, I figured I'd give it a shot on youtube.

StainlessStill's NFL week 3 pickems:


Giants over Titans by 4
Bengals over Panthers by 10
Steelers over Bucs by 13
Pats over Bills by 24
UPSET SPECIAL: Browns over Ravens by 3 (Hey, going out on a limb here, why not?)
49'ers over Chiefs by 11
Texans over Cowboys by 6
Vikings over Lions by 13
Saints over Falcons by 6
Redskins over Rams by 17
Eagles over Jaguars by 9
Colts over Broncos by 10
Raiders over Cardinals by 3
Chargers over Seahawks by 17
Dolphins over Jets by 4
Packers over Bears by 10

Buc the Fucs!!!!!:tt04: