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09-26-2010, 04:03 PM
Titans - You all know what they did last week.

vs. Giants today - CJ 125, 2 TD's, 3.9 avg., VY TD pass, Defense 3 TO's = Win over what I thought would be an angry, efficient Giants team. (What do I know?)

Falcons beat NO in overtime.

We are beating quality teams with significant injuries on the o-line so far. O-line played great today, Batch seemed comfortable in the pocket and had enough time to read his scrambles, the few times he had to. He played to what was given him. Manager, sure, ok. What else do you want him to do, except two 40+ yard TD's?

And then there's Brett. And Gay (who put on his uniform today?) And Mendy, Hood, Troy, et al. And let us not forget the coaching staff. They called a GREAT game.

Ok, there's my quick WHOO HOOO!!! 3 and 0 BABY!!!!
I'm going to try and find the 3-0 section in my local dive while I watch the Eagles, unfortunately with Eagles fans.