View Full Version : O-Line, Ben, Pouncey

09-26-2010, 11:29 PM
The improvement to the O-line is mostly from Pouncey.

He is making the middle of the pocket secure. QBs can step up into the pocket so long as they are secure with players being behind them for a second or two. Charlie and Ben are secure.

Notice several times the tackles used the phonebooth to push players past the QB. It all looked OK. This happens on every team.

In the past, with a weak collapsing middle of the pocket, the QB can't step up because they are coming from there and if one of the outside guys gets the QB, they say the whole line sucks. That's not fair. A tackle should have the choice of pushing a player beyond the QB if he wants. The middle needs to be secure. Now the tackles are happy.

Watch the highlights. You'll see several times rushers are pushed around. It's a pocket. Not a wall.

Go Pouncey. Ben will be thrilled.

He must note however that Batch was able to get rid of the ball so he needs to do the same occasionally if things are not there.