View Full Version : Favorite Steeler Matchups....

09-30-2010, 04:26 PM
Considering it's Ravens week and this is my favorite match up of the year, I was wondering - what are some of your favorite match ups?

My favorite matchups....

1. Steelers vs Ravens (twice a year, what a treat! maybe even three when they're both good....)

2. Steelers vs Patriots (my step bro is a Pats fan and it's always a good game as well...)

3. Steelers vs Titans (because I hate the Titans almost as much as the Ravens, and their Terrible Towel disrespect.....)

4. Steelers vs Bengals (also for their Terrible Towel disrespect, and I can't stand chad or terrell....)

5. Steelers vs Giants/Eagles (the years we play that division anyway, I know lots of Giants fans from growing up in NY, and the interstate rivalry with the Eagles is always a good one....)