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10-03-2010, 11:48 AM
Lots of upsets last week in the NFL. Very interesting mumbo-jumbo with many teams around the NFL.
Week 4 pickems:

Last week: 6-10
Overall- 25-22

Bengals @ Browns: Cleveland ALMOST got me the upset last week @ Baltimore. I think this could be the week the Browns get the W and I think I was a week early for Cleveland's upset. I am taking Cleveland 2 weeks in a row as my upset pick, this time over the Bengals. The Browns ALWAYS play the Bengals to the wire and Palmer and the Bengals haven't been looking any good whatsoever. Cleveland will have a chip on their shoulder and finally have enough to edge it out against Cincy. UPSET: Browns by 6.

Ravens @ Steelers: Pittsburgh's one game away from being 4-0 when Ben returns after the BYE. The Ravens have many holes in that defense versus the holes (if any) on the Steelers defense and Mendenhall's explosivness lately can take advantage of Baltimore's run D, which have given up some major yardage in past weeks. Steelers are 9-1 the past 10 games at Heinz Field versus the Ravens and Joe Flacco struggles against the Steelers defense with the amount of pressure that will force him. Steelers are the better overall team and are tough at home. Steelers by 8.

49'ers @ Falcons: Singleterry has been one of the biggest busts and disappointments in the league this season and he completley wiped out his staff, re-starting from scratch. Not a good week to be going into Atlanta in the Dome after coming off an emotional win against the Saints. The Falcons are very hard to beat at home and if they want to take the NFC SOUTH away from N.O, they need to beat the weak NFC opponents. Falcons by 21.

Jets @ Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick is now the Bills starter and he put up 30 solid points against New England. Still, the Jets isn't the New England's defense and have a killer instinct. Mark Sanchez is coming of age quickly and if he continues to spell that defense, then the Jets will cruise through the AFC EAST. Jets by 13.

Panthers @ Saints: The motto for the Panthers this year will be re-build. Jimmy Clausen will get some major mileage to start his career, and this is an early career test against the Saints defense who can take the ball away. Even though the Saints run D is in question, Bree's should rebound from a loss last week against Atlanta and prove they could and should be undefeated against a terrible team they should pounce on. Saints by 24.

Broncos @ Titans: Intriguing matchup. Tennessee is tough to beat at home in Nashville and homes the best running back in this league. They are still suspect however, as are the Broncos, so I can see this going either way. Kyle Orton has quietly been putting up major numbers and the Broncs have a good overall defense but the Titans have a stout defense as well and should be too much for Denver to handle in Nashville. Titans by 4.

Lions @ Packers: Like the Saints, the Packers could easily be 3-0. They had major difficulties controlling their aggression last week and made stupid penalties, esp personal fouls. They'll look to correct that and take it out, no mercy, on a below average Lions team who are seriously out of their league. Packers by 28.

Seahawks @ Rams: Seahawks have a VERY TOUGH defense under Pete Carrol, but they remain an inconsistency. The Rams finally won their first home game in so long upsetting the Redskins last week, but they should come back down to Earth while Carrol comes up with a formula to get to Bradford while Steven Jackson nurse's injury. Seahawks by 10.

Colts @ Jags: The Colts are VERY, VERY banged up all over the place, but as Jon Gruden would say, they got the "Sheriff" ready to go and healthy and as long as Manning is back there for the Colts, the Jags, who are one of the worst and most inconsistent team in the league, won't match up and won't be able to do much damage against Indy overall. Colts by 14.

Texans @ Raiders: Disappointing in Oakland this season, and they quickly got back to their losing ways , losing to the pathetic Cardinals while missing gimme field goals. Still, this team has found their man and they seem to spark around Bruce Gradkowski and rally around him the best. The Texans lost a tough one last week and are out to prove they can answer back in this league when they got punched in the mouth. Houston should re-bound quickly. Texans by 12.

Cardinals @ Chargers: The Cardinals are very bad, but whose to say they won't be able to take it to a slow paced, slow starting Chargers team? If San Diego wants to suddenly turn into the Super Bowl team they could be, they better do it quick. Chargers by 20.

Redskins @ Eagles: My second upset. I'm not jumping on the Vick bandwagon just yet. He faced to terrible defense's in Jax & Detroit and he was barely challenged to really do much in those games. The Redskins are in an early slump and it looked like they had a little hiccup last week against St. Louis after playing a stellar game against Houston 2 weeks ago. Emotional homecoming for Donovan McNabb and with everyone anointing Vick the MVP award already, the Skins will rally around this opportunity and play for McNabb. Redskins by 7.

Bears @ Giants: Cutler should have thrown 3-4 INTS last week but was saved by the yellow flag. I'm still now sold on this Bears team, even though they have a tough defense. I think Cutler is DUE to throw a game soon, and this could be it. The Giants are a mad-disappointment and I'd expect more from a Tom Coughin team. This will be my last horrah for the Giants to turn it around after being a complete divided mess. They need this one bad and the Bears have to slip sometime. Giants need to prove they can win games this season. Giants by 3.

Patriots @ Dolphins: Great match- up. If Tom Brady and the Pats want to have a shot at the post-seaosn, they must win every game in a shootout because as much as the Pats can put up the points, they can give up twice the amount. Henne and the Dolphins are a quick strike offense who can put points on the board as well and have a better defense than N.E. I expect this to be a shootout, back and forth. The Pats struggle against MIA, esp @ MIA. Dolphins by 9.

HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!:tt04::tt04::tt04:

10-03-2010, 07:23 PM
Biggest upset in week 4... Jags beat the Colts and save Del Rio's job.
Browns over the Bengals, only by 3 though
Rams over Seahawks by 17