View Full Version : Why I'm pumped going in to the bye at 3-1

10-03-2010, 03:31 PM
A. we lost a close game that required last minute comeback by the Ravens. to steal it away

B. two missed FGs by a kicker I don't have much respect for could have changed the outcome.

C. the Ravens needed us to uncharacteristically commit so penalties to win against our inept offense

D. while I absolutely love Batch, he just isn't as good of a QB as Ben is

E. our defense continued its ball hawking ways, however 0 points off of those turnovers thanks to inept offense is a real kick in the pants.

F. while his stats might look ineffective, Mendenhall had several tough runs that show he really seems to be turning a corner in the level of his game play. With a legitimate passing threat to back him up he could very well churn out 1500+ yards.

G. did I mention I love Batch? But like an old dog I love memory of him more than I love his current play. I'll commend his bravery for standing in that pocket for so long against a blood thirsty Ravens D, but he did hold on to the ball waaayyy too long. I really think Ben would have converted a lot more first downs to help us convert more points.

H. this goes back to G. Batch was able to hold on to the ball for so long because our O Line actually did a great job of giving him time.

I. teams don't go undefeated anymore and win the Superbowl, we had to lose some time, might as well have been against a stout rival when we're without our offense's best player.

This season is feeling a lot like Ben's rookie season, only Ben isn't a rookie and has won two Superbowls since.