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10-05-2010, 07:45 PM
Randy Moss no longer a Patriot?

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reports the Vikings are "very close" to acquiring Randy Moss from the Patriots.


Randy Moss trade rumors true after all

Posted by Andy Benoit

What began as a seemingly erroneous rumor stemming from an unintended Bill Simmons tweet has suddenly turned into potentially the biggest story of the 2010 NFL season.

Simmons tweeted that there are rumors swirling that Randy Moss is going to be traded to the Vikings. He meant to send it as a direct message (DM).

About 30 minutes later, Fox Sport's Jay Glazer tweeted, “hey bill simmons @sportsguy33, damn you! Hahaha. I've been sitting on it allllll day. Was hoping to come outta left field and then u let slip. Classic! Good job”

Glazer also tweeted, “Yes, vikes and pats have been working on trade that sends randy moss to vikes and r very clode but can't be done until vikes and moss work out new contract, (which) they r working on.”

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Moss and the Vikings have not yet started negotiating a deal.

Moss is in the final year of his contract and does not expect to return to New England in 2011. Monday night, he was targeted only once and was held without a catch in the Patriots’ win over the Dolphins.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reports that Moss’ agent, Joel Segal, called Bill Belichick and requested a trade after Week 1.

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beat ya by a minute