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10-06-2010, 10:11 PM
Pittsburgh Steelers Launch New App

It may be hard to believe, but the world doesn't stop on a Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday,.

So what if you're stuck at your kid's soccer game, or somewhere on the other side of the country? How do you keep tabs on the black and gold?

We all know that on any given Sunday, Steelers games are the toughest tickets in town.

"We're very blessed on game day, which means we can support 60,000 on game day, but we have two million, five million worldwide," Marketing Director Tony Quatrini said.

The Steelers now have a solution to your problem.

"It's Steelers Game Day Plus, which delivers bios of the players, depth charts, video on demand of the players," Quatrini said. "Guys are impressed because some of the things they don't catch during the game, but when they watch in film review, they're like 'wow, this guy can play.'"

Quatrini said the new app, which costs $1.99, was made in conjunction with the Yinzcam crew from CMU.

The same crew is already responsible for the popular Penguins app.

If you want to follow the Steelers or any NFL team on the go, the NFL has its own iPhone app, and there are other options for the Android.

If you subscribe to games on satellite, you can watch some of them on your iPad, but the Steelers said their app is unique because you get the news right from the source.

"I think the most attractive feature is the GSIS stats. We were the first in the NFL to provide this to our fans worldwide instantaneously as the game is going to be played," Quatrini said.

The important part is that it's accessible on just about any smartphone.

"It's available on all platforms, on all phones and it's something we're excited to deliver to our fans that we think they have a great appetite for," Quatrini said.