View Full Version : Do you think you are AMERICA’S MOST DIE-HARD DISPLACED STEELERS Fan?

10-08-2010, 10:34 AM

Do you sit at home on Sunday’s praying for your local CBS or FOX affiliate to show your beloved STEELERS? Are you so die-hard that you’d travel hundreds of miles just to catch the Steelers play in person? Do you feel rage building up inside of you when you try to explain your love of PITTSBURGH football to bandwagon fans? If so, you could be the next winner of DIRECTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Contest.

For the third year in a row, DIRECTV is seeking America’s most die-hard displaced NFL Fan and awarding them a trip for two to this year’s Super Bowl along with a host of other great prizes. All you need to do is submit a video, essay, or photo to the Ultimate Displaced Fan website (http://www.ultimatedisplacedfan.com/) showing why you are America’s most die-hard displaced NFL Fan. The contest is in full swing and continues to the end of the year. Each month, a new round of Top 20 submissions are posted to the site for fan voting. Fans can log on each day to cast their vote, each time being automatically entered into a bi-weekly drawing to win Kingsford BBQ sets, Eli & Peyton Manning signed memorabilia, etc.

To get you pumped up about entering, here is an example of exactly what you can win (http://www.ultimatedisplacedfan.com/prizes/)if you are crowned America’s Ultimate Displaced Fan. Also, be sure to check out last year’s winning video (http://www.ultimatedisplacedfan.com/past-winners.php), submitted by one of your own - a creative Steelers fan living in Lexington, KY - Bengals country.

Think you can top it?!? ENTER TODAY TO SHOW JUST HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOUR STEELERS! Your entry could solidify a two year winning streak among Steelers fans!