View Full Version : Our goal is not get all the calls right

10-20-2010, 06:47 PM
Watching nfl network, and schefter was interviewing the person in charge of the competition commitee (falcons owner?). Schefter was wondering why teams can't challenge head to head hits since that is a 15yd penalty, and also pass interference. The response was, it would slow the game down, and our goal isn't to get all the call rights.

So there you go, the nfl doesn't even want to follow their own rule book.

10-20-2010, 07:06 PM
It would slow the game down? GET RID OF THE COMERCIALS!

That guy was the former president and manager of the Falcons.

The Committee is run by Rich McKay (guy in the interview) and Jeff Fisher who are both co-chairmen, and the members include:

Marvin Lewis (Bengals HC)
Rick Smith (GM of Texans)
John Mara (ceo and co owner of Giants)
Ozzie Newsome (Ravens GM)
Bill Polian (President of the Colts)
Stephen Jones (VP of cowboys and son of jerry jones)

Now when looking at this, its mostly executive people, people who have no idea how the game works other than they own or run a team. I don't think they should be the ones in charge of the NFL competition Committee. It should be coaches from the 70's. Don Shula and Chuck Noll. And thats it. They would make the NFL way better.