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10-23-2010, 09:50 PM
Dolphins-Steelers Preview: Can't Run, Can't Hide
Dolphins face the No. 1 rush defense in the NFL
Updated 7:55 AM EDT, Sat, Oct 23, 2010

Well, isn't this timely. Two of the toughest, most physical teams in the NFL collide this weekend just in time to see each of them fined out the pants for Actually Playing Football.

Not that it's like to stop either the Dolphins or the Steelers, though it's unclear how the league plans to determine and enforce its new dangerous hit rule. Running back Ronnie Brown said he plans to be an "aggressor with the football," likening the Steelers to the kid who takes your lunch money.

"When you have bully on the school yard, he thinks he's the baddest. Therefore he's going to carry himself like he's the baddest.... That's how it is with the Pittsburgh defense until someone proves them differently."

Brown says the Dolphins are ready to be that team.

"Until you stand up to the bully he's going to keep picking on you and if he feels he's found a weak spot, you're going to have to deal with that every day. If you show up and show him you're not scared, then it goes away. So why not attack it full head on?"

That's the real key for the Dolphins on Sunday. If they can come out of the gate and barrel right through Pittsburgh, :rofl::rofl::rofl: they can win. If they back down or fold or play tentatively (here's looking at you, Henne!), it'll be the makings of a long day.

The best way to do that, of course, is with the Dolphins' pounding running game. But Pittsburgh is the stingiest teams in the league on the ground, giving up only 63 yards on average. In last season's loss, Ricky Williams gained only 31 yards on 12 carries.

As such, it's possible this game is left in the inconsistent hands of Chad Henne. The potato head rebounded well from his three-INT disaster against the Pats with a fine performance in Green Bay, and though the Dolphins can't abandon the run, Henne's certainly got better targets than last year for taking his team to the air.

Details: Dolphins (3-2) vs Steelers (4-1)
When: Sunday, Oct. 24, 1 p.m. ET
TV Coverage: CBS, Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf

What's at stake: For Miami, pretty much any chance at the postseaston.

What's waiting: Troy Polamalu.

Discouraging Fact: Somehow, Miami has managed to be winless at home and undefeated on the road. We wish this involved some elaborate scientific theory, like J. Lo's gravitational pull sucking special teams into a booty-shaped black hole, but science isn't that accommodating or Spencer Pratt would be in space.

Embarrassing Steelers-Related Item, The Existence Of Which Would Ensure a Dolphins W win If Karma Worked They Way We Want It To: It's your guess if we're referring to the bedazzled Terrible Towel, the Terrible Towel bra, or the lady who loves them. The dog, however, is awesome. (See link for video - mesa)

Courtesy Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponies, the best Internet site for combining interest in miniature animals and annoying sports teams.

What will happen: It's going to be close. Here's hoping the Dolphins put together a complete game even more complete with a banner day from Henne. But we can't help it: Miami has no home field advantage. Steelers, 27-14.