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10-23-2010, 11:16 PM
Picture it...1996...March...cold weather.

In December of 1995, my beloved dog Pooh and I had our pictures taken professionally and there was one taken with her with a Steelers Bandana on and me as well.

I wrote the team and coaches a letter telling them that no matter how bad things get that they would ALWAYS have two fans in Ohio that would love them no matter what.

A couple of weeks later, a picture of the 1996 squad comes to my mailbox PLUS the picture I sent...I got really upset because I couldn't figure out WHY they would send the picture back. It was an 8X10 to help inspire them. Then my mom said "Look in the left hand corner and you'll see why it's been sent back..."

OMG it was autograph from Coach Cowher!! Now I loved those boys before that happened but THAT took my love for that team and that Coach to a whole new plain! What an honor I was given. And it landed in my mailbox on my birthday! March 21st!

Thank you Coach Cowher for being the absolute gentleman and making this fan's wish come true! You're the best!! And so are the Steelers.

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