View Full Version : Boehner wants to shelve health care 'monstrosity'

11-03-2010, 10:13 AM
Boehner wants to shelve health care 'monstrosity'
23 mins ago

WASHINGTON House Republican Leader John Boehner (BAY'-nur) is claiming a voter mandate to roll back the Obama administration's health care overhaul, calling it a "monstrosity."

The presumptive next speaker of the House told reporters Wednesday morning the Republican takeover of the House and its success in narrowing the Democratic Senate majority was proof that "the Obama-Pelosi agenda" was rejected by the American people.

The Ohio Republican is in line to succeed Pelosi, a California Democrat who became the first woman speaker of the House four years ago. Posing for pictures with GOP Whip Eric Cantor, Boehner said, "The American people were concerned about the government takeover of health care." He added, "I think it's important for us to lay the groundwork before we begin to repeal this monstrosity."

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101103/ap_on_re_us/us_elections_boehner;_ylt=Ag_96xww.2IVQec91kz0ZgKs 0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFlNmRqYm5vBHBvcwM2NARzZWMDYWNjb3Jk aW9uX3BvbGl0aWNzBHNsawNib2VobmVyd2FudHM-

11-03-2010, 11:10 AM
Thank god. As a business owner I hope they get it done.

11-03-2010, 12:44 PM
I love the orange tinted man. Evertime he said "The American People" today in his speech, I had a shot of tequila. man that's good stuff but it's almost gone now. I did inadvertantly spit some out when he stated the American healthcare system is the best in the world. I think he likes Tequila too.