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11-04-2010, 09:47 PM
Anyone watch this? Steve Sabel and 4 of the most prominant sports writers/analysts sit around and discuss the list. Intersting how the voting worked, and Steve admitted it was a msitake to leave Polamalu out of the ballot.

Though they do say that the voters choosed winning players over other ones. Like Larry Wilson the great Cardinals saftey who everyone forgets because the Cardinals didn't win many games. 6 teams with the most championhips count for more than half of the players in the top 100.
58 Colts alone have 5 players in the top 100.

Only 4 players in the top 100 were on losing teams. Butkis, Sayers, OJ, and Lee Roy Selman (first buc hall of famer). Thats teams that lost more than they won, not just teams that didn't win a championship game.

Though only 1 player is from the 1972 dolphins, the greatest team ever. And it was Warfield who played more of his career with the Browns.

70's Steelers have the most players in the top 100 with 6.

tony hipchest
11-04-2010, 10:00 PM
very good show. while troy isnt quite the game changing impact player that LT, reggie white, d sanders were, he isnt far off.

11-04-2010, 10:40 PM
Jerry Rice G.O.A.T agreed and if you don't then you're a hater. Respect the man. He had a great attitude and skilly, something rare in sports players

11-04-2010, 10:50 PM
very good show. while troy isnt quite the game changing impact player that LT, reggie white, d sanders were, he isnt far off.

He might have made it just because of his popularity. Like Warner and Namath.

tony hipchest
11-04-2010, 11:58 PM
i think the biggest slap in the face of troy not making it is that ed reed did. i mean if reed is top 100, then devin hester might as well be too.

11-05-2010, 11:37 AM
Definatally a slap in the face to Steeler fans, especially since they didn't even let people vote for Troy. Though Reed has been very dominant, they actually both posess skills the other one doesn't, if they were both in a Secondary together, it would be impossible to make a pass more than 8 yards, and no runner would ever break a run over 5 yards.

Looking at some of the aftermath of this list, fans complained so much about the list, but the fan voting showed that what they complained about, they voted for really lol. Like Favre being a head of Brady... Fans voted Favre 6 while only voting Brady 20. Many angry Manning is in the top 10, but fans voted him 5th all time.

The problem with fan voting is that 40 players that were on the top 100 were left out. Many of those 40 are offensive/defensive linemen and many are from pre 70's and many who never won a superbowl.
Fans ranked superbowl winning players higher than players who didn't win a superbowl or who weren't on winning teams.

Fans ranked Namath 42 even though many NFL experts say he shouldn't have even made the top 200 due to him only having 3-4 good years and the rest were terrible, but because of his legendary status, people vote for him.
Everyone complained Tony Gonzales was only 45, but fans voted him 45 also, the exact same rank.
Fans also did not rank a single defensive player in the top 10.

I find more inconsistancy with fan voting and opinions than I do with NFL experts.

Also, 9th greatest player of all time, Don Hutson didn't even make the fans top 100.