View Full Version : height of irony with modern technology

tony hipchest
03-23-2006, 06:26 PM
my dad works for nasa flying satellites (giving computer commands, boosting rockets, flying over designated targets and taking pictures) i think its the ios pathefinder or something like that. if youve seen pictures of hurricane katrina before/after from space or mt. st. helens when it recently burped, he took them. he used to fly that largest telescope in space that was dumped into the ocean due to lack of funds. i saw him on cnn in the controll room during the descent :)

by no means a rocket scientist although he did work on the mx titans in the military.

ironically he recently got rid of his vcr and bought a dvd player. (the same vcr that blinked *12:00* for the past 15 years.)

he got and figured out how to set his answering machine several months ago, mind you it didnt have a tape, so setting it up was a little difficult.

now hes finally trying to figure out a digital camera, i just got an email photo of his back yard. i told him he can take pictures of my back yard 2000 miles away, 300 miles up and send it to me easier than his own from 10 feet away. :sofunny:

anyways thats our running joke that he can fly a satelite but cant program a vcr.

old people :dang: