View Full Version : The Defense has issues

11-15-2010, 06:23 AM
The Coverage was so far off the receivers it was jaw dropping unbelivable. And they never adjusted. If your playing a deep threat receiver you may have to concede a cushion, but the Pats have no such threat. The Defense should have been in every face of every pass catcher. Throwing off routes and timing for Brady.

Against the Saints before their last TD we could have held them to a FG and had a chance to still win with a TD, and we got Brees to throw short, but are coverage had dropped so far back it couldn't come up and make the tackle before the first down. We are seeing this far too often. The Steelers D relies on QBs not making throws more so then us making plays. This Beat us if you can execute approach is not Steelers D.

The Steelers are the only team I know of to play this way in the NFL. The Cushion Mcfadden gives receivers is awful. In Cincy he's like 9 yards off T.O. on a 3rd and 3, he then backpeddles at the snap, Palmer hits T.O. at the snap for the first down and he runs out of bounds to stop the clock. It's 3rd and 3 Man it's not 4th and 40! I Just can't watch this Gutless Defense anymore. Play to win!