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11-15-2010, 10:56 PM
Blah to the NFL board (Ghost town). There were 3 viewing this board and 57 viewing the Steelers board as I am making the list...yeah...that traffic makes no difference.

Here we go...

I'd like to get more participation. Even though I still intend the Power rankings to be top 15, if you only feel comfortable ranking your top 5, go head and do that.

Part of the fun of it is comparing your lists to your other posters.

These Power rankings are "Who is most likely to win the Super Bowl?"

Here is mine:

1. NE -Brady loves beating on Lebeau's defense. Still flawed but so is everybody else near the top (up 6 spots)
2. Baltimore-looked sharp in their loss to Atlanta (no change)
3. Pittsburgh-exposed...but have time to work on weaknesses (down 2)
4. Indy -solid even with injuries (no change)
5. Philadelphia -Vick is good...really good (up 5 spots)
6. Atlanta -If they had one more WR, they'd be really good (up 2)
7. NY Jets -Starting to show weaknesses but pulled it off again (down 4)
8. NY Giants-excellent team ...mistake prone (down 3)
9. GB -NFC is just getting tougher(down 3)
10. New Orleans -good team but the NFC is getting better (down 1)
11. SD- Not playing sometimes helps (up 2)
12. Tampa Bay -NOT the best in NFC...but not bad (no change)
13. Chicago -they suck but they did win (up 2)
14. Tenn -not enough to make the playoffs most likely (down 3 spots)
15. Miami -Not good enough (down 1 spot)

11-15-2010, 11:06 PM
It's getting tough because the NFC teams are starting to show more potential with rising stars such as Atlanta and Phily. They still have solid teams like GB and NO. Still the Giants are an unpredictable riser with high chokeability. Still those 5 teams are pretty good and all 5 should make the playoffs and have a chance to beat any of the AFC teams that were once considered far dominant.

On the AFC side, teams are starting to be exposed.
-While the Patriots lost to CLE, they came back looking very dominant against Pitt. They are certainly formidable. We know about the weaknesses in their secondary but someone else will probably have to knock them out of the playoffs because they won Pitt.
-The Jets are showing they are very vulnerable after struggling for the second week in a row to barely beat a poor win (albeit improving) team. Bottom line is they can be beat come playoff time
-The Steelers showed their continuously weak pass defense with so many holes in their zones, Brady looked relaxed and was having fun. They showed their offense is not fine tuned yet either. They need more quick passes.
-The Ravens still looked good against Atlanta but they are not perfect.
-Indy has too many injuries and has a suspect defense...yet they are getting the job done.

Bottom line is the AFC is not as dominant as once thought.
It wouldn't surprise me if an NFC team won the SB.
Don't overlook the Patriots.

11-17-2010, 02:36 AM
Saints way to low! Should be above Steelers.

11-18-2010, 09:45 AM
Saints way to low! Should be above Steelers.

I see your point. It is really getting tough. A lot of those teams are on the same level. Really I think any team from 1-10 on my list could win the Super Bowl.

Maybe it will become more clear as the season progresses.