View Full Version : Off The Wall Request

11-19-2010, 11:10 PM
Hiya Multi Talented Folks,

Hey I need 2 banners, if possible.

1 with a gorgeous German Shepard on it and it has to be a full grown male that says Afterburner Vahan Starsky with a K-9 somewhere around it.

1 with a gorgeous Rottweiller on it and it has to be a male, full grown that says General Lee's Thunder on it. 1992-2007.

If they could be put on one banner that would be great. They are just for fun; to show the world what my perfect K-9 dog would look like if I had one and was a cop! It's for my fictional police officers btw.

I would appreciate it if someone could work something like this out for me. I'd be so thrilled. I really would be.:hatsoff:

Thanks So Much In Advance. :tt02::tt02::drink: