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11-22-2010, 01:45 AM
So I've finally decided to join a forum about the Steelers...need to like I'm with "my people", lol. Anyways, the biggest reason I'm creating this post is because of the recent penalties against the Steelers and LACK of penalties against the other teams. So to warn you now, this is another person venting. Lol

As I'm sure all of you have seen, from todays game, the refs/nfl have it out for the Steelers. 14 flags against them today!? Thats as bad as the Raiders get usually! I've never seen so many calls against the Steelers in a single game. Now, I will admit, that there were a few calls that I could understand and side with (holding), but all this other crap like roughing the passer, pass interference, cutting off a receivers route...what the hell is going on? Lets talk about the roughing the passer...I believe it was twice today (correct me if I'm wrong) that that penalty was thrown AGAINST the Steelers. First instance was a close call...to a point. When a guy see's the ball is thrown, and starts to motion his hands INTO the air above his head, thats a sign that he is no longer trying to down the QB. He can't stop on a dime, should we just not attempt to sack the QB anymore? How about the second one with Harrison...he "fell with all his weight" on top of the QB. Are they supposed to just use their arms and pull them down? Standing flat footed and not using any momentum? How about the fact that during the replay you saw the QB land on his side...as well as Harrison? So his arm is all his weight? Damn, my right arm is going to be MASSIVE if I ever play. Lol. But seriously...such BS. Lets talk about the "cutting off a receivers route call...so, a defender isn't supposed to do what he can to make that play NOT happen? Ya, there was touching going on during the play, but nothing that is not out of the ordinary. Ok, so the defender is giving the receiver as little to work with as possible, the receiver then feels like the only place he has is to go out of bounds...shall we instead run 3 yards away from any receiver and wait till they have the ball before attempting to stop the play from progressing?

Now lets talk about calls NOT made. Did anybody else see the TD this game where the Raiders defender blatantly lowered his head and took our guy out in the End Zone? Where was the flag on that? I hope to read that he's getting fined as well. How about where a offensive lineman of the Steelers was dragged to the ground (not in possession of the ball)? Where was that flag? And as for the guy ejected...ya, I am glad to see that he was ejected...but why no penalty yards?
How about last game...against the Patriots...I don't care if somebody decided the "Ward-Hit" was legal or not, its the fact that their helmets hit Ward and nothing happened...No flags, no fines, NOTHING! That wasn't the only play that I remember in that game, I just don't know who was involved.

Anyways, I'm kinda just saying whatever is coming to my fingers right now. Sorry if i'm not being more specific on what happened and all the parties were involved. Point is, is that I believe that if the Steelers are going be the "Examples" of the NFL, then something needs to change, don't target one team...target them all! My fiancée is a Bronco's fan and she was even yelling at the refs today. Not just this game either, ever since Harrison was first fined she's been supporting the Steelers. Anyways, glad I was able to vent to this community and get my 2 cents in. LETS GO STEELERS!!!

11-22-2010, 02:34 AM
The NFL has an obvious problem on their hands with their officials, and it's needs addressed ASAP before the league losses a large percentage of its fan base. How can the NFL not know that they are assigning an official to his hometown team? In the Miami game a few weeks ago the ref was a native born Pgh'er and ask anyone from Miami if they thought they got screwed by a hometown crew, and now today Oakland brings their own official from Oakland. Are we supposed to believe that a conspiracy doesn't exist? Almost every game this year (not just Steelers games) are being taken over by questionable calls in the effort to either keep games "competitive and entertaining" or something more sinister like the ref's are working for Vegas instead of the NFL..

Part of me thinks it's retaliation for Troy speaking out, but I watch a lot of football each week and this problem is not isolated to the Steelers, something is very different this season. Instead of fining/suspending players this week, Goodell needs to hand down fines and suspensions to some of their officiating crews. And then figure out a way to make sure that there aren't conflicts of interest when handing out game assignments to officials each week. They have to realize that the credibility of the league is at stake.

11-22-2010, 02:52 AM
I do agree with you that its NOT just the Steelers. I also watch Bronco's games, I've had to "adopt" them as my second team. Lol, but after watching some other games, I constantly would catch/hear myself yelling "Theres a fine right there!" Yet no calls were made. Either way, how can this game be "entertaining" if they're trying to change the way football is played? The way the Steelers and any good defense team plays football, is what we know...what we enjoy watching. Its like Nascar, do we honestly go just to watch a bunch of cars go around in a circle? I personally don't. Its always much more "entertaining" when there is a wreck. Just like in football...its always more entertaining when there's a big hit.

11-22-2010, 03:13 AM
They are turning the NFL into the WWF, amusement for the masses. They want high scoring games that are determined in the final seconds, and they are obviously willing to sacrifice the integrity of the game to get what they want.

11-22-2010, 03:38 AM
Don't we already have Arena Football? Hell...lets just turn the NFL into Flag Football...then I can play!