View Full Version : See How The Commissioner's "Rule Changes" Deliberately Ended The 70's Steel Curtain

11-23-2010, 09:24 PM
Oh yes. Its happened before... With the new "powder puff " rules, excessive penalties, fines against Steelers players, and the 'real threat' of changing the way the Steelers play THEIR brand of football, it came to mind how the NFL front office ganged up to stop the 70's Steelers defense: The Steel Curtain.
Many current Steelers fans AND players are saying that the NFL is now unfairly targeting the team... and this team only !!! I myself say, " your d*m right they are" !!
I tried to remember were I heard about this and find a source of info on it to refresh myself on the subject. I think I found it and from some of the more reputable sources around at that time.
The two highlight areas of the first video shown are at the 13:40 and 14:30 areas respectively... so please scroll over to those times with your mouse pointer. Also, the subject runs into the second video...