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11-25-2010, 09:01 AM
By Scott Brown
Thursday, November 25, 2010

Less than an hour before a recent Steelers practice, Flozell Adams is sacked out in front of his locker.

A do not disturb sign is hardly necessary considering that the hulking lineman does not readily grant interviews when he is awake.

"Sometimes when an old dog sits on the porch, he just wants to be left alone," Willie Colon, two lockers away, says with a smile. "Right now, he just wants to be left alone, so heed the warning."

Adams has done anything but sleep on the job since signing with the Steelers right before training camp. He has shored up a position that became an Adams-sized question mark when Colon went down in June with season-ending Achilles injury.

And the 6-foot-7, 338-pounder has made a relatively seamless transition to right tackle after playing left tackle in 12 previous seasons with the Cowboys, consistently grading well while starting every game this season.

Adams had been flagged for just three penalties through 10 games. The next holding call on the player nicknamed "Hotel" will be his first one as a Steeler.

"He's done maybe better than we anticipated," coach Mike Tomlin said of Adams. "He's been a stabilizing presence for us. He's an old dog learning a new trick, if you will."

Adams, 35, is the oldest player on the Steelers, but age and the fact that he had become so accustomed to protecting his quarterback's blind side are not the only factors that made his move to right tackle a calculated gamble.

He had to learn different techniques while developing cohesion with new linemen without the benefit of any offseason practices.

The degree of difficulty involved with a move from left to right tackle is such that Steelers offensive line coach Sean Kugler said, "It would be like writing with your left hand all the time, and someone saying, 'Hey, turn around and write with your right hand.' He attacked that when he came to training camp. He poured his heart into it."

Adams' heart had been with the Cowboys prior to his arrival in Pittsburgh.

Adams started 173 games for Dallas from 1998-2009 and made five Pro Bowls, but the Cowboys released him last April.

The injury to Colon, who had started every game at right tackle since the end of the '06 season, led the Steelers to sign Adams to a two-year, $7.5 million contract.

Adams didn't balk at changing positions even though he became the most accomplished player on the Steelers' offensive line before his first practice with the team.

"Immediately," Adams said, "this was the organization I wanted to come to."

The reason for that, Adams said, is simple: he wants to win a Super Bowl.

The single-mindedness he has applied to that quest as well as mastering a new position has endeared him to Tomlin.

"This guy's made a lot of money, has got a lot of accolades and has been on some high profile teams," said Tomlin, who is only three years older than Adams. "None of that appears to be overly important to him right now. He just wants to win and do whatever he can to help us do so."

Adams has apparently meshed with his fellow offensive linemen as well off the field as he has on it.

Despite the intimidating persona and the wary if not perturbed look that an interview request sometimes elicits, his teammates said Adams has fit right in with a tight and fun-loving group.

"He has a dry sense of humor, and he'll say some off the wall stuff that will get everybody cracked up," Kugler said.

What has turned out to be anything but off the wall: the notion that a player in the twilight of a decorated career could, well, learn a new trick.

"It was real tough at the beginning," Adams said of the move to right tackle. "It's like anything else: you've got to keep working at it and plugging away the best you can. It's finally starting to come."

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11-25-2010, 03:19 PM
This guy is a true pro! He has been an awesome blessing. Thanks "Hotel" for joinging us and hopefully getting you that Super Bowl win!

11-26-2010, 05:13 AM
we are lucky to have him and hopefully he remains healthy. i would love to keep him next year and resign colon to play guard were i have always said he would be a pro bowl player at

11-26-2010, 09:43 AM
He is just an average player on an average line that won't even be here next year.

11-26-2010, 12:37 PM
I laugh at the Cryboys all the time when I think about them letting Adams go. Their line has been a shambles this year. Even worse than the Steelers. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!! Thanks Jerry. I am glad your team has gone down the toitey this year.

11-26-2010, 02:00 PM
He is just an average player on an average line that won't even be here next year.

maybe bu if he wasnt here Essex may be playing that position. which would you rather have?

Fire Arians
11-26-2010, 02:48 PM
maybe bu if he wasnt here Essex may be playing that position. which would you rather have?

i'll take the average player over the REALLY CRAPPY one

11-27-2010, 12:56 AM
I am very happy to have Flozell Adams playing right tackle for us. He has been very solid all season. Keep up the great work Flozell.

11-27-2010, 05:54 AM
i'll take the average player over the REALLY CRAPPY one

agreed. adams hasnt been playing like a pro bowl player but he is filling in very nicely for Colon and helping us win. personally i think Adams is holding the right side better then Colon did