View Full Version : Selling Up To 5 Tickets For Sunday's (@Buffalo) Game - Sec. 108 - Row 6 - Asking 75

11-26-2010, 04:27 PM
I just found out that my dad cannot make the Bills versus Steelers game and gave me and my brother his six tickets for Sunday's game. I wished he would have told us earlier in the week but unfortunately he did not.

I would love to bring my friends but most are with their family on Sunday and are unable to go.

I am selling up to 5 of the 6 tickets for THIS Sunday's game. They are located in section 108, Row 6, Seats 2-6. The face value is 75 dollars and I am asking 75 dollars. I am a bit flexible but probably not too flexible.

I will be driving up for the game on Sunday and can meet wherever to give you the tickets. I will be sitting in seat 1 but I am rooting for the Bills so hopefully that is okay! :thumbsup:

If anyone is interested please leave a response or private message me. I have pictures of the tickets (see below) and will offer anything else you would like in order to guarantee everyone's safety (ticketmaster/ebay protect both parties as well).

Anyway, here are the pictures: