View Full Version : "Those Who Are Ignorant of History..."

03-31-2006, 05:44 PM
...Are Doomed to repeat it.

I found this from very early in the NFL season last year...it's not hard to figure out exactly whom I was arguing with, but the central and reoccurring theme should jump right out:

But this is essentially the pot calling the kettle black! You are doing the exact same thing I'm doing, albeit with a few ad hominem attacks thrown in for good measure.

Look here?let?s take a couple of arguments I?ve made and put them to the test:

A) I said conservative football is best, and you disagreed. You said "Look what conservative play calling got the Colts last year". Here?s two examples of why that?s silly. One is the 2002 Jim Tressel led Buckeyes. They played ultra-conservative all year, and Tressel makes no secret that he thinks the punt is the most important play in football. Where did they end up? As National Champions. Actually, this is really silly on your part because it?s an attempt to sit on both sides of the fence, since Bill Belichick is easily one of the most conservative coaches in the NFL. He plays ball control offense, emphasizing defense and special teams and building early leads and protecting them.

B) I said the loss of the OC, DC and players who represented 250 tackles on your defense will take it's toll on the Pats this year and they won't win the division, and you disagreed. Fine...but how do you know I'm wrong? Are you prescient? That's why they play the season. You are stating I'm wrong based on no facts, just opinions...essentially you are saying MY opnions are wrong because they are not YOUR opinions.

So, let's summarize. We both have opinions, but, when I express mine, it's "opinionated nonsense", and when you express yours, they are the correct and proper opinions.

That's why this is growing tiresome. I've tried to be a little blithe here and there, poke fun at a couple different teams and such, but you don't seem to have much of a sense of humor either. It's no fun arguing with people who are right all the time, even when they aren't.