View Full Version : Ravens-Steelers Game - Halftime Adjustments??

12-05-2010, 09:25 PM
Well, I'll bet this week's entire paycheck that the offense will continue to use the same exact plays that (obviously) worked so well through the first half. And sure, why not, let's just keep Ben in on offense with his fractured foot and disturbingly broken nose. And while we're at it, let's make sure Ben can keep a hold on the ball as long as possible while he limps around so it can buy him time to get picked off, or (at best) throw it away. That always works.

And Arians will adjust the play calling patterns, I'm sure. And by adjusting them, I mean... he'll have Ben pass on obvious run plays and run on obvious passing plays.... in that way that isn't obvious at all. Maybe we'll adjust when and where Ben takes his sacks... perhaps we'll have him take a sack on a broken play far enough into Baltimore's side of the field that we can hope to put at least 3 on the board to avoid a shut out.

Sarcasm aside...

BMac needs to sit, Flacco isn't being pressured enough and he's getting too much time here, his receivers are way too open and they're burning us time and again. Not sure how to change that... we desperately need a pick six if we want to have any chance of winning!

As much as I love Ben, and as much as he's my favorite QB in the league... Leftwich ought to be given a chance to play - if only to give Ben a chance to get his nose looked at - plus, do we need Ben to get any other injuries? I'd hate to lose him for the season. And besides, at this rate, Leftwich might have to play in the postseason anyway, seeing as how Ben may not be able to stay healthy - he's taken quite a beating.

I predicted this game would be a loss... but I was hoping they'd show that the team could, in spite of the common perceptions about them this year, make adjustments in the face of adversity. Especially against a divisional rival.

Guess not. I might be early in saying this... but it's not looking good. I hope I'm wrong.

UPDATE - since I started writing this, Suisham got the field goal I predicted, so at least we avoided the shutout. Still embarrassing.

Speaking Suisham, this guy is really impressing me. His punt was decent, and his field goal was also quite impressive.

12-05-2010, 09:35 PM
Suisham, impressing you? his kickoffs to the 15 yard line?

12-05-2010, 09:44 PM
Suisham, impressing you? his kickoffs to the 15 yard line?

His kick offs are about as bad as Jeff Reed's... but with Jeff, we'd probably be down 10-0 right now. Suisham seems, so far, a million times more consistent in his kicks beyond the 40. Jeff was 0-4 from that range this year, Suisham is 5-0. And to come in and punt for Sepulvada on such short notice, he didn't look too shabby.

Honestly, our kicker is the least of our concerns, seeing as how (at this rate) he's probably going to be credited with all of the points scored by the Steelers this game...