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12-08-2010, 08:38 PM
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Miller 'getting better every day'
December 8th, 2010

Heath Miller is not practicing today and the Steelers tight end almost certainly won’t play Sunday against the Bengals.

But the news is otherwise good regarding one of the Steelers’ most underrated players.

Three days after sustaining the first concussion of his career, Miller said he feels “good” and that he is “getting better every day.”

He has not ruled out playing Sunday, but Miller also said, “We’re going to make sure it’s completely healed before I go back. It’s the right thing to do.”

Erring on the side of caution is indeed the right and prudent thing to do, especially since things could have turned out a lot worse for Miller.

A helmet to helmet hit by Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain caused Miller’s head to snack back as he was falling to the turf at M&T Bank Stadium. It initially looked like Miller may have sustained a catastrophic injury but he left the field under his own power.

Miller said before the Steelers’ first practice of the week that he doesn’t remember the play.

Fortunately, it turned out to be much more frightening for family members that were watching the game on TV than it was for Miller.

“I didn’t feel anything. It didn’t hurt me,” said Miller, who will have to pass a series of neurological tests before he is cleared to play again. “I think it’s more scary for them the fact that they’ve got to sit there for however long I’m laying on the field and not knowing what’s going on.”

The NFL has fined McClain $40,000 for the hit but Miller shrugged off a question about whether the punishment fit the crime in this case.

“It was a hard hit but it’s part of the game,” the sixth-year veteran said. “We play a physical game and unfortunately you’re going to get put in those positions sometimes. It happened and I’m concentrating on getting better.”

GMU Steeler
12-08-2010, 10:45 PM
Heath showing class as always. Says nothing nasty about McClain. I am glad he's going to be okay.

12-11-2010, 10:49 PM
Get well soon Heath.


12-12-2010, 12:27 AM
Nice to hear a peep from Heath. Besides Troy, he has to be about the softest spoken Steeler in that lockerroom. Humble and appreciative of the chance he has in life to play in the NFL. A true Steeler.

12-12-2010, 08:39 AM
He is one guy that makes me proud to be a Steeler fan. Quiet, humble, and a bad-ass tight end.