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Atlanta Dan
12-11-2010, 08:16 AM
As we read about the Cam Newton mess and NFL players comparing themselves to soldiers, this Washington Post column on today's Army-Navy game provides some welcome perspective on how sports is not always about athletes landing the big payday and then grousing about how it is not enough

Do you know what the young men from Navy and Army publicly complained about this week?

Nothing. It's the same thing they complained about last week and the week before that, when they actually could have elicited some real sympathy. The 24 seniors on the Navy football team received their deployment orders on Dec. 1, most of which contained the one locale their family and friends were bracing for: Afghanistan.

The difference between [Navy coach Ken] Niumatalolo and most every other college coach in the country at this level? Three players he once coached - young men he grew to know, respect and love - died serving their country....

It's the only game that should matter this weekend, featuring unpaid athletes not on scholarship who will never see a $40 million signing bonus, who aren't worried about which bowl they're going to.

See, college football provided the greatest reward of all: it put off deployment until after December.


While I disagree that it is the only game that matters this weekend (the Steelers also are playing), cannot agree more that those who serve to protect us are owed our gratitude:hatsoff:

12-11-2010, 08:23 AM