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12-15-2010, 09:00 PM
10-3 Feels Great
Written by Lawrence Timmons Wednesday December 15 2010

It was a real big win for us, huge, against the Bengals. Troy showed everybody what hes really about when he tweaked his knee during that unbelievable interception and TD. He limped to the sidelines but stayed in the game. He toughed it out because he knows hes a core part of this defense. Guys like me look up to Troy, he provides such energy for the whole team. He just said screw this injury, Im going to stay in for the guys, put the pain aside and suck it up for the team.

When a guy does that its just great to see. Hes a true competitor and football player. He carries himself every day like hes on NFL Films. Hes just unbelievable.

We gave up a TD on our first series and thats just not like us. We always want to make it easier on the offense and provide that short field. We made it a lot easier by scoring two touchdowns instead and holding the Bengals to less than nothing after that first drive.

The Jets are next and theyre coming off a loss to the Dolphins. They need a big win right now so I know theyre going to come in here ready. They lost a division game and we know how that is. After a loss like that, the following weeks game is always a must-win. Thats their personality. Theyre going to come in here to take a W.

We have to come out and establish our game plan and stick to it. Hold them to little or nothing like we did with the Bengals. The Jets are tough. What you saw in that last game, you wont see again, believe me. We expect them to bring their A game and be hitting on all cylinders.

And Santonio Holmes for sure is going to come in here and try to gas us. Hes the kind of playmaker that cant be stopped some games, you just have to try to make sure that he doesnt make too many big plays. He will be extra motivated to come back to where he was drafted. We let him go, and when a team lets you go it gives you incentive to show them what theyre missing. Im pretty sure hes going to try to tear us up. And Im good friends with Santonio.

Were 10-3 and it feels great. We just want to finish strong now, because were No. 2 in the conference and you always want to finish No. 1. Thats definitely the goal.

I also want to thank all you fans for the back-and-forth we have on Twitter. Its fun when you guys respond to me, I enjoy Tweeting with you all. And I appreciate your support for the Pro Bowl this year, you can vote at www.nfl.com/probowl/ballot.

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