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12-23-2010, 09:27 AM
Steelers should win out easily
Thursday, December 23, 2010 12:30 AM
Written by Bob Smizik

Nobody asked me, but . . .

* The Steelers put themselves in position to win their division by strong season-long play. The NFL has put them in position to clinch the title with a weak season-ending schedule. A champion-caliber team should easily handle Carolina and Cleveland and grab the No. 2 seed in the AFC.

* The Associated Press story out of Clearwater, Fla. previewing the Outback Bowl between Penn State and Florida, described the Penn State coach as ``spry-looking.’’ Guess you had to be there.

* On a given Sunday any team is capable of beating another in the NFL. But spare me the talk that the Browns are a dangerous opponent. They're 5-9 with consecutive losses to Buffalo and Cincinnati and have the No. 22 defense and the No. 29 offense in the NFL. Yes, they beat New England. All the more reason why they won’t beat a good team again.

* The Milwaukee Brewers, a team that built itself from an also-ran to a leading contender in the NL Central Division via bold and expensive off-season moves, are reaping the rewards of their willingness to spend. In the five days following the trade for Zach Greinke, the Brewers sold more than 1,500 season-ticket plans.

* Lot of talk going around that Joe Paterno will announce his retirement after the bowl game. I don’t believe it.

* Side benefit of Stan Savran returning to radio on 970 ESPN next month: No more Colin Cowherd in Pittsburgh.

* Remember when Norm Chow was one of the reigning offensive geniuses of college football -- first at Brigham Young and then at USC. Chow is at UCLA these days. The Bruins finished 103rd out of 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools in scoring. It’s not about the coach, it’s not about the formation, it’s about the players.

* What are the chances that the same marketing outfit that came up with ``Legends’’ and ``Leaders’’ as the names for the Big Ten divisions also delivered ``Root Sports,’’ for FSN Pittsburgh and two other affiliated regional sports networks.

* I hate to be a follower, but . . . play Isaac Redman more.

* So far, so good on my vow to not watch a second of any pre-Jan. 1 bowl farces.

* It appears the Pirates are through making major off-season moves. At present, they are a better team that the one that started the 2010 season. But the additions to the roster have been monumentally disappointing and nowhere approaching the ``weapons’’ president Frank Connelly suggested the team would acquire.

* It’s highly surprising that new coach Michael Haywood did not keep one of Dave Wannstedt’s assistants.

* The Steelers were a bit pass-happy vs. the Jets.

* Cheers to Haywood for bringing his 74-year-old offensive coordinator Morris Watts with him from Miami. Pittsburgh is the one town where an over-70 coordinator cannot be ridiculed.

* Question for the basketball play-by-play guys who used the term ``dribble drive.'' What other kind of drive is there in basketball?

* The absolute folly of the Pirates trading lefty reliever Javier Lopez for two 27-year old minor leaguers last July was driven home this week when they dropped one of those rejects. I wonder how long it will be before the other follows? Meanwhile, all Lopez did was help San Francisco win the World Series with a superb post-season.

Fire Arians
12-23-2010, 10:58 AM
i hope they play hard and not down to the level of carolina or cleveland.

we should have also beaten KC, oakland, and cleveland easily last year and ended 12-4 instead of 9-7, but that's what happens when you overlook your opponents.

12-23-2010, 11:40 AM
At this point im not second guessing anyone! Lets just win :tt02: