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12-25-2010, 09:40 AM
December 24, 2010
’Twas the Night Before Game Day (Ode to the Defense)

KEVIN CAMPBELL For The Tribune-Democrat The Tribune-Democrat Fri Dec 24, 2010, 01:05 AM EST

By Kevin Campbell

’Twas the night before game day, and all through the ‘Burgh,

Friends were smack talkin’ and great bluster was heard,

The IC was chillin’ in the cooler with care,

With jerseys all folded and ready to wear;

The Defense was huddled with Sunday’s game plan

Wait’n to squash offenses for the real football fan;

And mamma with her Towel and I with my cap,

Had just hunkered down for a fantasy recap;

When out on the lawn there arose such a ruckus,

That you’d thought that Bill Cowher was still spittin’ among us;

I sprang from the Lazy-Boy like the ol’ Chief

Could be Patriots taping, ’twas my belief;

My Steeler yard toys alit with a glow,

Gave the luster of game day to the apparitions below.

With quick glance, my ol’ Blitzburgh eyes did but steal,

A Super Bowl float and eight men of Steel;

With a little ol’ coordinator so in the know,

I knew by the replay that it must be LeBeau;

More rapid than zone blitzes his Pro Bowlers came

He spat and he whistled and called them by name;

Then Lambert, then Mean Joe, then Ham and Rod Woodson

Now Harrison, now Timmons, now Woodley keep Blitzen!

On top of the conference, on top of the league,

Smash away, smash away, smash away all!

Like dry leaves or QBs in skirts did they fly,

When met with our defense and a poke in the eye;

So up to the line the men of steel flew,

With demonic demeanor and intensity too;

And then in a twinkle as if a new QB call,

The defense reacted and coming were all;

I sat up, and bit down, and reached for my beer,

Down the chimney St. Dick came without fear;

He was dressed – Black and Gold – six rings near his side,

His clothes were old-fashioned, worn from hard work and pride;

A group of young men he brought through my door

A defensive unit of many hard wars;

His defense – it sparkles, the DL is scary,

Men on men on the corners, topped with Troy like a cherry!

Casey, Brett, and Aaron – are the defensive core

If not invented, we perfected the league’s best 3-4;

Unsung men in the trenches – workin hard – same old story,

So that LB’s can tackle and get all the glory

Forget the 85 Bears, the other D’s are just posers

The Raven D is good, just not close to closers.

Dick is fit and aware, might the old elf be thinking,

Of subbing himself in? The ol’ man’s been drinking!

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Gave opposing backs shivers and QBs the dread;

He spoke nary a word being focused on schemes

Methodically designing a Super Bowl Team;

Then laying a finger aside of his nose,

He gave a sly grin and to Canton he rose;

He sprang to the blocking sled, of his unit spoke loud,

The greatest of all, Lombardi’d be proud!

But I heard him exclaim as he flew through the air,

Merry Christmas to all, but offenses beware!

Kevin Campbell is a Steelers fan and former Johnstown resident who now lives in Springfield, Va.