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12-27-2010, 06:43 PM
NFL from the sidelines
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Sunday, December 26, 2010
Watching Sunday's games

The Browns are attempting to do the same thing against the Ravens that they did to New England, drop eight into pass coverage and rush three - two from the extreme outside and one guy up the middle who is more of a spy than anything.

That won't work against Baltimore.

You have to rush Joe Flacco hard. He doesn't feel pressure well and Baltimore's receivers will eventually get open. There's also the Ray Rice factor.

We're seeing some chinks in the armor with Colt McCoy as well. He's forced a couple of passes deep and paid for it.

McCoy is pretty accurate on the underneath stuff, but his arm strength is lacking on the deep passes.

I told my wife I wanted to watch the CBS pre-game show to see an indignant Bill Cowher deny that he put out any rumors about what teams he'd like to be coaching next year.

Cowher didn't disappoint.

That was quite the choke job by the Chargers in Cincinnati Sunday.

That's also two wins in a row for the Bengals, who have suddenly become dangerous without TO and Ochocinco's Show.

Go figure.

Remember, too, that the Bengals have won at least three in a row against Baltimore.