View Full Version : I think it is time for REDEMPTION!!!

12-30-2010, 04:23 PM
Looking at this week, it is time for the Steelers to lock down the Division, but there are a couple more teams I would love to see get their payback! Lets start with the Browns, such a feel good story earlier this year, I almost got a little movement (Naaa Not at all), the Ratterds, came into the Burgh to beat us verrrrryyyy late in the game, so the trolls on here felt the need to gloat, (ummm here it comes) the Jets, hmmmmmm, your time is coming, Steelers hurt Sanchez once, better pray he doesn't come around here for another round. Oh and last but not least Mr. GQ, it would do my heart some good to see a little pain on his face, whats the old saying screw me once shame on me, screw me twice shame on you, do the Pats really want a second taste??? This time with a healthier "O" and Aaron Smith in the mix? Like I said redemption starts this weekend, a little payback is in the cards for someone!!!!!! :tt::tt04::tt02::tt03: