View Full Version : Saints Player Urinates On Falcons Logo

Atlanta Dan
01-02-2011, 07:41 AM
After all the valentines about the Saints being such upstanding representatives of New Orleans there is this story on the Saints acting out after the Monday night victory in Atlanta

You’d better believe they’re hoping for a playoff rematch with the Saints in Atlanta after New Orleans players posed for pictures on the Falcons’ midfield logo after their 17-14 victory. Saints defensive end Remi Ayodele told CBSsports.com that he urinated on the logo. “Believe me, that didn’t go unnoticed, not just by our players and coaches but by our owner and front office people,’’ a Falcons official told NewOrleans.com. “It did not go unnoticed and it will be remembered.’’


Leaving aside beating the Falcons is not exactly the equivalent of winning in Pittsburgh or Foxboro, pi**ing on the logo is astonishingly low rent. Hard to imagine Tomlin, Belichick, Coughlin or most other head coaches would not tear that player a new one (OTOH Rex Ryan would probably commend the action)