View Full Version : McFadden loves Steelers tradition

04-27-2005, 11:25 PM
Cornerback Bryant McFadden is used to playing football in warm weather, having played college ball at Florida State and attending high school in Hollywood, Florida.

That might have explained why before the draft he talked about not wanting to play too far North, where the temperatures dip much further than what is considered cold in sunny Florida.

So when the Steelers selected McFadden, on an unusually cold spring day, the question was asked - is Pittsburgh too far north for him. He was quick to answer with just what the black and gold faithful would want to hear.

"No. That?s the Steel Curtain,? said McFadden. ?I used to watch the Steelers all the time. My uncle used to watch the Steelers back when they had Chuck Noll, Mean Joe Greene and all the yellow towels in the stands, because of their defense, that Steel Curtain.

?It?s a dream come true. Back when they used to play in Three Rivers Stadium on the hard turf.?

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