View Full Version : Average of 9 head coaching changes a season.

01-03-2011, 11:43 PM
Thats just an average, sometimes its as low as 3, other times its as high as 12 with the bulk of it happening today, the Monday after the season, but only 2 coach was fired today.. odd. 3 coaches fired during the season, so we're up to 5 so far.

Here's the news around the league for coaches who were on the hotseat.

Coughlin got an extension despite the Giants breakdown end of the season.
Sparano had a productive meeting with owners, they haven't decided anything yet.
Del Rio gets his job for another year, but if he doesn't make the playoffs next season, he's gone.
Cable not yet fired by Oakland, Davis did say he'd make a decision later this month.
Titans havn't made a decision about Fisher who has a 16 year tenure there.
Bengals owners will have a decision on Tuesday whether to fire Marvin Lewis or not.
Garrett hasn't been officially decided on, but said he'll continue as head coach until told otherwise.
Texans said Kubiak will return
Fox is fired in Carolina
49ers are coachless

From what I heard, Lewis's job is safe, the Bengals owners will probably give him 1 more year, after that he's gone. But people change their minds all the time.

The teams Cowher had on his wishlist seem to still have coaches, so he might be out for another year unless things change.

01-04-2011, 12:41 AM
technically lewis can't be "fired" , his contract is done.

Everyone knows the backstory at this point. Marvin Lewis' contract is expiring and he's no longer employed. The Bengals have offered a contract extension in the past and Lewis has claimed that he's cited his demands since last year's bye week for an indoor practice facility, power to make coaching changes and an improvement within the scouting department. Since the changes weren't made dating back to last year's bye week, Lewis has yet to sign an extension. It's primarily the reason people speculate that the Lewis/Bengals marriage is headed for a divorce.

01-04-2011, 04:13 PM
Well "let go" ... But Cincy has decided to resign him for 2 years. Good news for the Steelers :P