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01-04-2011, 09:10 AM
Who is the best team suited to knock off New England?

Sorry Steelers fans, but the Patriots own Pittsburgh right now and have for the past decade. In fact, during that span, only one team has won a playoff game at New England. That was Baltimore last season, as the Ravens stuffed New Englandís injury-ravaged passing attack. Then, earlier this season, the Ravens held Pats quarterback Tom Brady(notes) to a season-low passer rating of 69.3 and intercepted him twice in an eventual 23-20 overtime loss to New England. But that was before Brady had a lot of time to work with the likes of Deion Branch(notes) in New Englandís reworked offense. That said, Baltimore is best equipped to derail the Patriotsí Super Bowl hopes..

I doubt after what happened last year that Belichek would allow the Ravens to come in again and win.

I am sure Steeler fans will trash this guy but you cannot deny Brady's record against the Steelers like 6-1 but by no means is it a given that the Patriots will win..


01-04-2011, 09:24 AM
well, trashing the Steelers seems to be the "in thing" to do right now, so i could care less.
However, i disagree that the Ravens are the pick to knock off the Pats. I will say later "i told you so...". I am that sure. I'm not sure where all this "Ravens" love is coming from all of a sudden, but i think the best chance is the Colts, who seem to be getting their act together and playing well with what they have right now.

Also, mid-season, i would have said that the Steelers don't have a shot, but with Troy back and if Aaron Smith gets back and the offense starts firing on its cylinders, and if we can send the house blitz continually this time instead of laying back, i believe we have a shot as well.