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01-05-2011, 06:29 PM
Tendencys are measurable and calcuable. In todays world, you can enter info into a computer and predict the tendency of what the other team will do in certain down and distance.
If anyone would use that technology, it would be Bill Belichik.
Computers perform a trillion calculations a second.
When the steelers have a second and 10 at the 50 yard line, you can push a button and it will tell you what the chances are of the steelers calling a certain play.

To offset that, you have to confuse the computer program. One drive the OC calls plays, the next drive, the HC calls plays. Both have different tendencys, so the compuer info is useless unless you know who is calling the plays.

It seems like the steeler OC calls all the plays, so his tendencys are predictable.

If New England is using computer assisted play calling, it would be wise strategically for the steelers to let Ben or Tomlin call plays from time to time. To confuse the computer. If the computer is calculating the OC tendencys, and Ben is calling the plays, the info would be counter productive because its analyzing wrong data.

Ben, Tomlin, and Ariens would all call different plays in different situations. If you are calcualting Ariens tendency, and Ben is "really' calling the plays, it would be advantage Ben and the offense.

01-05-2011, 07:10 PM
Bill Belicheck's play-predicting technology has a name: Ernie Adams. Look him up-- he is the true GENIUS behind Bill Belicheck.


To sum it up for those who do not care to read, Ernie Adams is a long-time friend of Belicheck's. He is described in other places as "weird" and a border line idiot savant-- one that excels at cruching numbers (think Steven Forbes Nash from "A Beautiful Mind").

The most striking statement in that article? THis one:

In 2007, as part of Spygate, it was revealed that Adams received tapes from a "third camera" that recorded opponents' defensive signals against league rules, and studied them to learn the signals. Belichick confirmed this was the case, but said that they were only a small part of the "mosaic" that were the Patriots' offensive game plans at the time.[4]

Yes, teams change some of their playcalls and signals from game-to-game, but not as much as many would think. Yes, the advantage the Pats gained from Spygate could be anything from negligible to humongous-- we really don't know. Yes, other teams MIGHT be doing it too, but.....

But you cannot tell me that by collecting all of the playcalls and hand signals used by a team over the course of the season, that you are not able to disseminate that, analyze it, find patterns, etc. etc. enough to be able to predict what the other team is doing on at least some of the plays. And there is no way you can try to tell me that the Pats still would have won all 3 of those SB's without that knowlege-- they only won each by a field goal. Clearly, having the advantage of no surprise on just a couple fo crucial plays in each game is a major advantage and CHEATING.

01-05-2011, 07:43 PM
They are cheaters and always will be.

01-05-2011, 08:00 PM
They are cheaters and always will be.


tony hipchest
01-05-2011, 09:01 PM
why does every ****ing thread on this board have to be about the ****ing patriots? i swear its like some steelerfans have the biggest case of penis envy. :banging: