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01-06-2011, 08:17 AM
what a complete joke this once sacred institution has become.

Mark McGwire denied. Rafael Palmeiro denied (btw, he had 500 homers and 3000 hits...).
So that sets a precedent. You're telling me now that Barry Bonds, the all-time home run leader, like him or hate him, ain't getting in? Manny Ramirez isn't getting in? Roger Clemens? Alex freaking Rodriguez ain't getting in? You deny Palmeiro and McGwire, now you have to deny these guys too.
But Roberto Alomar gets in? Roberto Alomar. Hall of Fame material. What an absolute joke.

Then they should go back.....and take everyone out of the Hall that ever threw a spitter. Or anything else. Oh yea, remove Ty Cobb too. He wasn't a model human being by any stretch.
Baseball continues to drive itself straight into the ground (not that anyone cares about baseball anymore), Oh, well maybe like 3 or 4 people. NO ONE i know gives a f*** or even talks about baseball.

01-06-2011, 09:15 AM
There are many people with votes that won't consider anyone for the hall that was part of the "steroids era". Personally, I agree with them. Bonds almost certainly would have made the HOF without perfomance enhancement , but instead he chose to cheat. Palmiero might have had the numbers without steroids, but the odds are good that his career would have been significantly shorter had he not used them. Which in turn diminishes his numbers.
Alomar is up there with the best 2nd basemen to play the game and deserves to go in. He was never a power hitter, just an amazing fielder with great instinct, reflexes, and very good speed. If he had been using steroids then his career hr totals would have shown so, as they did with Bonds,Sosa, McGwire. Alomar was a 10 time gold glove winner, career .300 hitter, 30+ stolen bases 8 times....

Ty Cobb was a notorious asshole, but that doesn't diminish his accomplishments on the field.

01-06-2011, 12:11 PM
i hear what you're saying but now they're talking about getting "B" list players such as Raines, Jack Morris and others in. I'm sorry.....decent, long careers? Maybe. Hall of FAME? No. I'm not sure Blyleven should have even got in.
They've turned the "hall" from being a place that the TRULY great players go....to where if you just have a long career and put up some decent stats, you're in.
I don't know how you can have a "hall of fame" with those kind of people in......but great players such as Pete Rose, McGwire, Palmeiro, and the coming future denials of A-Rod, Bonds, Clemens etc. are not in the hall. I've looked at all the angles and it just don't make sense. the on-field accomplishments just can't be denied.
Pete should definitely be in there, no question. This is one of those things that will be debated until the end of time, but i'm definitely on the "Rose" faction.

01-06-2011, 12:49 PM
I believe that Pete's performance as a player should outweigh his actions as a manager, but as it stands the powers that be don't. As for Mcguire, Palmiero,A-rod et al they can eat shit for all I care. They were great players that tarnished their own legacy and the game for greed. As for the B-list players, just because they're eligible doesn't mean they'll get in. Blylevin was a great pitcher, top 30 all time in wins and top 5 all time in strike outs. I would be surprised if Morris and Raines get in.

03-22-2011, 05:02 AM
Reviving this seemingly "dead thread", Barry Bonds' trial began today. They are putting him on trial for perjury. The problem is that they first have to prove that he even TOOK steroids. The tests they got from BALCO say he tested positive in 2000 (steroids were outlawed in 2003). However, the samples do not have his name on them. He never tested positive for steroids during his time with MLB. Then they have to prove that he knew he took them. I loved Barry Bonds as a Pirate and will always be heartbroken that the Pirates couldn't afford to pay him the salary he deserved. It still hurts that we lost the NLCS in '92 and then lost Barry as well as all other chances since then to be a contender. I believe Barry Bonds will be exonerated and eventually make it to the Hall (without an asterisk).

04-17-2011, 07:01 AM
I don't believe he'll make it in after all this.
Even if not convicted, the storm of negativity and charges, etc will be just too much.....eclipsing other's who won't make it either.
Most of the others ( i believe..), should go in like Rose, Palmiero, McGwire.....but Barry is really a nasty, mean human being. Not HOF material as an all-round guy

04-20-2011, 08:14 PM
I don't think personality is a criteria for Hall of Fame honors, TRH. The very first inductee, Ty Cobb, was undoubtedly the meanest SOB ever to play baseball. Barry Bonds was a far better player than any of the ones you mentioned (although I agree about Pete Rose); even long before he may have done steroids. I think he deserves to be in there, but probably won't happen until his final year of eligibility.