View Full Version : Raw or otherwise video,clips, footage, audio needed/wanted!

04-21-2006, 11:26 PM
To summarize the story, I have the distinct honor of presenting a Powerpoint presentation about the Pittsburgh Steelers to the entire Computer Science administration at my school, so, naturally, I want to show these uncultured Jets n' Giants fans what Steeler Pride is all about and I want to do it with the honor and dignity that anything with the Steeler name on it is entitled to.

Cutting To The Chase:
For this endeavor, I'm asking for any raw video, clips, animated gifs, game/interview footage, game audio that I can edit, tailor or just through in strategicly or even alternatively just miscellanious Steelers' compilations that anyone has made from the '04 - '06 seasons, if you'd be so willing to "donate" them, and you'd recieve just credit for your work of course. I need anything anyone can provide for me by Sunday, April 23rd.

So if anyone can help me with this, I'd be ever so greatful, naturally I'm scowering the boards, but I can't hyperlink stuff from YouTube and such, I need the actual files. So thank you for your consideration and time.

Steeler Nation baby, Steeler Nation,