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01-15-2011, 01:21 AM
Snow expected during Steelers-Ravens game
Saturday, January 15, 2011
By Torsten Ove, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A dusting of snow covers a thin layer of ice Friday morning on the backwaters of the Allegheny River at Washington's Landing. More snow is forecast.

This just in: It's going to snow today and during the Steelers game.

But the total accumulation will only amount to about an inch, maybe 2, so fans need not worry about getting to and from the big showdown with the Baltimore Ravens.

And, for those wondering, Heinz Field can handle a little snow, no sweat. It's January in Pittsburgh, after all. This has happened before.

"We've had some practice at it," said Dave Lockett, spokesman for the Steelers. "We're glad to have the opportunity to play some January football at Heinz Field."

The National Weather Service said it will start snowing in the morning and a light snow will probably be falling during the game, which starts at 4:30. Some of the snow might turn to rain because the temperature will be around freezing.

What does it mean for fans and the team?

Nothing special, really.

"Our game day crew will be out there, clearing snow from the sidewalks," said Mr. Lockett. "Our goal is to always be prepared."

The Steelers put new grass on the field after the Winter Classic hockey game on Jan. 1, the third time this season they've replaced the sod. But the snow shouldn't affect the grass much because the field has a tarp on it most of the time and heated coils keep the ground warm.

Snow doesn't seem to bother players or coaches much, either. Asked earlier this week if he accounts for weather in his game plans, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin essentially said not really and delivered a jab at forecasters to boot.

"I do more of that in the stadium, in terms of in-game adjusting, than I do from a preparation standpoint," he said. "I don't pay too much attention to weather forecasts. Those guys got great jobs -- '50 percent chance of rain,' you know?"

The chance of snow during the game is more than 50 percent -- it's pretty certain -- but it's not likely to cause any problems. Although the Monongahela River has big chunks of ice in it, the Gateway Clipper Fleet said its boat service to the game will continue as usual.

The Port Authority will also be running its usual game-day shuttle service to the stadium. The details are on the authority's website.

Snow won't play much of a role in the other NFL playoff games this weekend, either, even though two of them are also in cold-weather cities. In Chicago, where the Seahawks play the Bears on Sunday, it will be cold, about 14 degrees, but forecasters are predicting only light snow, if any.

In New England, where the Patriots will play the Jets on Sunday, it's expected to be 33 degrees and sunny.

In the other game on Saturday, conditions will, of course, be perfect. The Packers, used to playing in even more frigid environs than the Steelers, play the Falcons inside the Georgia Dome.

"It's always 70 degrees and sunny," Falcons receiver Roddy White said of the dome after the Falcons beat the Packers there in November.

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01-15-2011, 02:22 AM
Damn...I think this helps the Ravens since Wallace will be neutralized. The Ravens are already slow.

01-15-2011, 07:32 AM
Damn...I think this helps the Ravens since Wallace will be neutralized. The Ravens are already slow.

I think this may actually help Mike. If they cover him with Webb, who has speed, it will neutralize Webb as Wallace knows where he is going. It will force the Ravens to give more of a cushion which could allow more quick slants. (you can't risk press coverage on a slick field, 1 slip and fall and its TD)
However this will also help the Ratbird WR aswell.

Our field isn't the best for footing anyway and it hasn't hurt Wallace so far, can't see it hurting him much today.