View Full Version : Bart Scott: Welker's 'days in a uniform' are numbered

01-15-2011, 11:42 AM
Bart Scott: Welker's 'days in a uniform' are numbered

Jets inside linebacker Bart Scott is not laughing off Wes Welker's Thursday comments that included several references to the word "foot," in what many saw as poking fun at New York coach Rex Ryan.

"I'll tell you what," Scott said, according to Newsday. "Be very careful what you say about our coach. His (Welker's) days in a uniform will be numbered. Put it like that."

Welker made 11 references to the word "foot" during his remarks on Thursday, which seemed to be a joking reference to the "foot fetish" videos on the Internet that are believed to feature Ryan and his wife, Michelle.

Ryan would not be drawn into that particular debate on Friday, saying "I can take it. I'm not going to discuss it, but I can take it."

But Antonio Cromartie, who called Tom Brady a nasty name in the New York media early this week, saw it as evidence that the Patriots do talk trash -- but apparently it is buried in some kind of indecipherable code.

"If you read in between the lines, a lot of what they say is directed toward us, but they try to clean it up," Cromartie told Newsday. "It's different, but they are doing the same thing. At the end of the day, it's trash talking no matter how you try to put it, how you try to clean it up."

Trash talk is one thing but this is a little much IMO

tony hipchest
01-15-2011, 12:34 PM
rex ryan and the ravens had a bounty out on hines ward and rashard mendenhall. they knocked rashard out for the season.

you can bet they have one out on welker and probably brady too. i expect brady to be protected, but i suspect one jet will take one for the team and risk a possible suspension and fine for knocking out welker.

the patriots werent too successful last season w/o him.

if the ravens and patriots happen to advance you can expect the same next week, as well. :smile:

01-15-2011, 01:19 PM
Hey if we beat the Ravens and they take out a guy or two and the Patriots advance, I'm not going to complain.