View Full Version : Playoff Predictions- Round 2

tony hipchest
01-15-2011, 12:24 PM
steelers 24 ravens 20. ravens will slightly suprise steelers and come out throwing the ball and running no huddle to try and wear out the defense and establish a running game to grind out the clock. flacco will make his typical mistakes. probably another fumble caused by harrison and an INT or 2.

bruce arians will be completely shocked they impliment a different gameplan and will be slow to adjust.

green bay 28 atlanta 27 should be a very entertaining game with a shootout feel. i really think green bay can score more with a defensive td. michael turner is slowed, but not ineffective.

bears 31 seahawks 10 this is the stinker game of the week. pete carroll says he is kicking to hester. he's bluffing. if he does, hester takes it back or atleast sets them up in fg range. i think the bears can score 2 ST or defensive td's.

the hawks caught lightning in a bottle last week. it wont happen twice. the saints defens doesnt have shit on the bears. people will wonder why peppers and urlacher dont get more mention for possible defensive MVP.

patriots 27 jets 20 the patriots are slowed down and they get hit, but brady proves to be too much and sanches proves to be not enough. this game will boil down to coaching and rex simply cant hang. as hard as he tries he cant pull off this win with muscle or mouth. they play well, but simple execution doesnt prove to be enough. patriots play slightly sloppy and look a little iffy. superior coaching pushes them over the top.

green bay vs bears
steelers vs patriots

a championship weekend for the ages. :tt03:

Atlanta Dan
01-15-2011, 01:17 PM
Steelers 24-Ravens 17
Chant goes up "Bring Back Reed" after Suisham misses 2 field goals to take the lead - Steelers score late TD and Flacco throws pick after crossing mid-field to lock up game

Packers 28 - Falcons 24
Surprisingly flat Falcons playoff crowd as many decide not to deal with the hassle of still icy downtown Atlanta - Matty Ice still not ready for the big stage

Seahawks 27 - Bears 21
Three Cutler picks - rush on sale of Seattle to Dallas flights for early February

Patriots 31 - Jets 10
Bart Scott takes out Wes Welker in 4th quarter - when asked about a possible suspension Scott says "Blll Belichick and Roger Goodell can kiss my foot"

01-15-2011, 01:59 PM
Shittsburgh Squeelers 20 - 17 Balti***** Ratbirds
Ryan Clark destroys Willis Mcgayhee late in the fourth stopping a valuable go-ahead drive, Mcgayhee goes off on stretcher and his career is ended.


Green Bay Peckers 21 - 17 Wagonlanta Cryons
Aaron Rodgers goes into beast mode as he throws for 350 yards and 3 touchdowns, the Falcons arn't ready for the big dance yet.


Seattle Cryhawks 31 - 10 Chicago Cuddlies
Jay Cutler throws four interceptions, two of which are returned for touchdowns, Earl Thomas returns one late in the fourth quarter to give them a three touchdown lead.


New England Cheatriots 38 - 7 Shitty Ass Wets
Tom Brady cremes all over the Wets secondary as Rex Ryan is forced to have liposuction by half-time.