View Full Version : Bring in the Pats

01-16-2011, 04:02 PM
After an almost surefire Patriots victory today, the Stillers will almost certainly travel to Foxborough next week. But I think between the first time and second time we will play there are some differences:

1. We have a solid chance to win if we pressure Brady. Our pass rush was very good verse Flacco, and if we can do that verse Brady that will be outstanding. I think the Ravens O-line and is just as good as the Patriots O-line and I think if the likes of Harrison, Woodley, Kiesel, Timmons, and Hood step up like they did verse Balt we have a chance.

2. Our pass defense and secondary has been playing well as of late. If our secondary can hold it's owns verse the shifty Pats receives we have a great chance to win. After the Pats shredded our pass defense, we have been playing much better. Ike and Gay played solid yesterday as well as Clark. And if these guys carry that into next week and Pola plays like his normal self we once again have a chance.

3. Our offense has been clicking better since the last time these two teams met. The O-Line has been playing better and we figure to get Adams back for this game. Also our young receivers have been stepping up and been getting better with each week. Obviously when your in a game with Tom Brady you need to score points.

4. And lastly this teams strives with adversity and not given a chance. Time and time again we have proven to be very dangerous when we aren't given a chance, so who gives a **** what the media thinks.